A star in stripes: Paul Rhymer and John Matthews prep a zebra for display in the new mammal hall.

Bats Will Scatter

Kakapos eat many fruits but particularly enjoy rimu fruit, which seems to encourage breeding.

Going to Extremes

Without the extraordinary dedication of a few conservationists, New Zealand's kakapo would likely have gone the way of the dodo


Thar They Blow!

Gentle giants? New research suggests that male sperm whales may butt heads over females


Palm Plight

Assaulted by myriad threats to their survival, palm species around the world face the likelihood of extinction



Both ginseng and dolphins evoke passionate emotions

"I can Monday-morning quarterback, but no one knew that [starvation killed the animals] until after they were dead," says beleaguered rescue leader Becky Arnold."

Incident at Big Pine Key

A pod of dolphins stranded in the Florida Keys reignites an emotional debate over how much human "help" the sea mammals can tolerate


Not a Lot of Ocelots

Once thought to have vanished from North America victims of hunting and habitat loss the cats maintain a slender pawhold in the thickets of South Texas

Canadian biologist Pierre D'Amours surveys rivers (here the Restigouche in New Brunswick) to learn what is responsible for the dwindling population of Atlantic salmon.

Lost at Sea

What's killing the great Atlantic salmon?

Entrepreneur Geoff King has created a unique restaurant on the edge of Tasmania where visitors pay to watch wild devils tear into a meal.

Give the Devil His Due

Blame Bugs Bunny and a nasty yawn for the Tasmanian devil's bad rap


Tigers at the Gate

"Tigers living in a healthy jungle, Seidensticker concludes, don't have to eat people."

Tiger Tracks

Revisiting his old haunts in Nepal, the author looks for tigers and finds a clever new strategy for saving them

Royal Bengal Tiger

Behind the Lines: Close Calls

Danger comes with the territory for our writers


Eureka! Fell Swoops and Stubborn Molars


Something's Fishy

Scientists are trying to fathom why Hawaii's fish population is declining


Risky Business

The Australian pact with the world's largest crocodiles seems to be working—but critics say that the costs are fatally high


Monkey Wrench

An American couple's ingenious research challenges the popular notion that baboons and other monkeys are almost human

During the six-month fire season, the McGrews' hardworking goats can be found lunching in various locations across California.

Using Goats to Prevent Wildfires

Communities worried about the ravages of wildfires are embracing a four-legged solution


They Drink the Wind

Famed for their "floating-on-air" gaits, Arabian horses run in 100-mile races and ask for more


Where the Gooney Birds are

More than 400,000 albatross pairs nest on Midway Atoll, which is now the site of an extraordinary National Wildlife Refuge

Hawaiian monk seal

A Glimmer of Hope in The Sunset

Wayne Sentman on the extremely endangered Hawaiian monk seal

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