Sleepless in Hawaii

Insomniac islanders are hopping mad over a tiny frog from that threatens their fragile ecosystem


To Catch A Thief

When biologists study food theft among endangered roseate terns, they find that crime most definitely pays

The hall combines natural history with state-of-the-art technology.

New Hall on the Mall

A dazzling exhibition space celebrates mammalian diversity through re-creations of habitats on four continents



A new finding that fish feel pain has set off a tortured debate about the ethics of angling

Terrestrial creatures (a forest crab in a defensive pose) were not easily confined for photographing.

Portraits in the Wild

In an unexplored region of Africa's Atlantic coast, an innovative photographer captures Gabon's bountiful wildlife


Talking to Horses

Stanford Addison uses intuition, compassion and persistence to "break" wild horses


True or False? Extinction Is Forever

Researchers' efforts to clone the vanished Tasmanian tiger highlight the quandary of reviving long-gone creatures

Kandula frolicking with mother Shanthi at the National Zoo at 8 months.

Great Expectations

Elephant researchers believe they can boost captive-animal reproduction rates and reverse a potential population crash in zoos


Mystery Bumps

Scientists knew that alligators' jaws are covered in bumps but it took biologist Daphne Soares to figure out why

MODIS image of the Arctic

Exotic Climes

Going the extra mile for bears and bats

Bringing Up Baby

Scientists zero in on the caring and cunning ways of a seldom-seen waterbird

Having stopped a mother bear with a tranquilizer dart shot from the helicopter, Derocher (with Andersen, left, and Instanes, on Spitsbergen Island) tethers the cubs and takes tissue samples to gauge the mother's exposure to industrial chemicals like PCBs.

Bear Trouble

Only hundreds of miles from the North Pole, industrial chemicals threaten the Arctic's greatest predator


To the Rescue

Las Vegas showman Jonathan Kraft went from riches to rags to turn a patch of Arizona desert into a refuge for abused and abandoned exotic animals

Over the past 20 years, a significant decline in the smallmouth bass population of a much cleaner Lake Ontario has coincided with an explosion in cormorant numbers.

Shoot-out at Little Galloo

Angry fishermen accuse the cormorant of ruining their livelihood and have taken the law into their own hands. But is the cormorant to blame?


Sea Searchers

Scientists launch a $1 billion effort to track marine life worldwide


Requiem for a Heavyweight

Science meets shamanism at a gathering to ponder the fate of the Pacific Ocean leatherback


Net Gains

A California biologist discovered a new insect species and then caught evolution in the act

A star in stripes: Paul Rhymer and John Matthews prep a zebra for display in the new mammal hall.

Bats Will Scatter

Kakapos eat many fruits but particularly enjoy rimu fruit, which seems to encourage breeding.

Going to Extremes

Without the extraordinary dedication of a few conservationists, New Zealand's kakapo would likely have gone the way of the dodo


Thar They Blow!

Gentle giants? New research suggests that male sperm whales may butt heads over females

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