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The Dueling Oaks in New Orleans' City Park

Discover America's Bloody History at Five Famous Dueling Grounds

Men defended their delicate honor at these bloody sites across the U.S.

Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic Spring is the largest hot spring in the park. But what gives it its vivid rainbow colors?

The Science Behind Yellowstone's Rainbow Hot Spring

The Grand Prismatic Spring might seem photoshopped, but there's very real science beneath its vibrant colors

Cascade, Centennial and Goldings hops are three varietals planted in Persephone’s demonstration hop yard.


From Farm to Bottle: Sip Brews Among the Hop Bines at This Vancouver-Area Beer Farm

Persephone Brewing Company brings beer and farming to the Sunshine Coast

Baby panda

Cute Baby Animals You Have to See This Spring

Check out what's new at the zoo

Visitors to the American Gothic House Center are encouraged to play the part of the famous pair from the painting.

Grab Your Pitchfork and Take an "American Gothic"-Themed Road Trip

A drive through eastern Iowa is the best way to appreciate one of the country’s most famous images

Replica of 'Psycho' House

Replica of 'Psycho' House Opened on Museum Rooftop

The Metropolitan Museum of Art features a replica of Alfred Hitchcock's 'Psycho' house

Smithsonian Best Small Towns 2016

The 20 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2016

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, our top picks this year are all towns close to America’s natural splendors

Cow by Bear. Eat cow... served by a bear.

Eat Dinner Cooked by a Bear

This furry chef serves international cuisine in San Diego—when he isn't hibernating

Waterfall Display

A Show of Over 6,000 Orchids Celebrates a Victorian-Era Obsession

Succumb to "Orchidelirium" at The New York Botanical Garden

Hoh Rainforest moss

National Parks

Is This the Quietest Square Inch in the U.S.?

An acoustic ecologist reveals his findings

Whitney Plantation, Big House

Inside America’s Auschwitz

A new museum offers a rebuke — and an antidote — to our sanitized history of slavery

Onlookers crowd King Street in Alexandria, recently named America's most romantic city.

What's America's Most Romantic City?

A new list finds true love in Alexandria, Virginia

Artist Jaroslaw Koziara grew different types of plants to create a fish "crop circle" between the Polish and Ukrainian border.

These Unusual Border Crossings Are Worth the Wait

From mountains to cafes, the world is full of strange and beautiful ways to cross into other countries

One of Chef Bun Lai's recipes: A dish that features whole fried invasive lionfish at Fish Fish of Miami, Florida.

Bite Back Against Invasive Species at Your Next Meal

From seaweed to lionfish, invasive species are appearing on menus throughout the U.S.

All of the rooms at Adobe House have private entrances.

Looking for a Winter Getaway? Visit the Sunniest Place on Earth

A literal oasis in the desert, Yuma, Arizona, the “winter vegetable capital of the world,” offers a warm welcome

The Rocky Mountaineer traverses through the Canadian Rockies.

The World's Most Scenic Train Rides

These train rides offer passengers views of some of the world's most stunning landscapes

At 122 feet long, The Titanosaur has to poke its tiny head out of the entryway to fit in the exhibit hall.

Here's How You Squeeze the Biggest Dinosaur Into a New York City Museum

A team of specialists had to get creative to mount a towering Titanosaur inside the American Museum of Natural History

12 Secrets of New York's Central Park

Learn some little-known facts about this NYC landmark

Quebec Ice fishing is a highly social affair for Quebecois, who tend to let their freak flags fly. This dwelling, clad in buoys from the local lobstering industry, belonged to a man named Pierre. “An eccentric fellow, as most of these guys are,” says photographer Richard Johnson.


Portraits of Canada’s Ice Fishing Huts

Take a look at some of Canada's coziest ice fishing huts

Hartsdale is the world's oldest operating pet cemetery.

Commune With Pets of the Past at These Five Pet Cemeteries

Far from scary, these burial sites can be relaxing, beautiful and even inspiring

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