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There are 14 different freestyle races in the Olympics, more than any other stroke.

Which Freestyle Method Would Help You Beat Michael Phelps?

Scientists examine the difference between two distinct freestyle strokes in order to determine the most efficient stroke around


World’s Coolest Animal Bridges

Animal bridges, aka ecoducts or wildlife crossings, allow wildlife to cross potential death-traps like highways and are are popping up all over the world

A map of Afghanistan’s resources

Mapping Afghanistan’s Geology from Really, Really Far Away

Using aerial surveys, US geographers map the mineral resources found on Afghanistan's rocky surface

An elephant at the Toronto Zoo

It Is Too Hot For African Elephants… In Canada

Three elephants were supposed to fly from Toronto the California at the end of next week, but the weather is just too hot for these African animals

A crowd in Shanghai

China’s Per Capita Carbon Emissions Nearly On Par with Europe’s

China's per capita CO2 emissions have almost caught up with Europe's

400 Years Worth of Water Discovered in Sub-Saharan Namibia


Oil Spill Finally Confirmed as a Culprit in Dolphin Deaths

A new report spells out that the oil spill, along with a couple other coincidental but unfortunate circumstances, initiated the grissly dolphin deaths


What Does Space Smell Like?

Death Valley

At 107°F, Death Valley Sets Record for Hottest Daily Low

Death Valley, California set an unusual new record last week matching the hottest low temperature ever recorded on Earth

Volcanic ash from the Ejyafjallajokull eruption floats in the stratosphere.

Harvard Geoengineers Want To Fake a Volcanic Eruption


U.S. Faces Worst Drought Since 1956

Drought grips 55% of the US mainland causing a shortfall in crop production, with very low chances of it ending any time soon


Sugar Placebo Pills Can Make You Feel Worse

Lurking in the shadows around any discussion of the placebo effect is its nefarious and lesser-known twin, the nocebo effect


These Adorable Lemurs Are On the Verge of Extinction

Lemurs are the most threatened group of vertebrates on the planet

A mother’s DNA contains enough information to sequence a fetal genome.

Fetal Genome Sequenced Without Help From Daddy

Researchers now need only a blood sample from a pregnant mother to construct a fetus' entire genome

Americans Are Really Bad At Living Green But Aren’t Too Upset About It

Americans are “confident that individual actions can help the environment,” while simultaneously, “trailing the rest of the world in sustainable behavior.”


Super-Strong Solar Flare Bringing Northern Lights South

A Farm in New South Whales, Australia

Climate Skepticism Could Wipe Out Whole Towns in Australia

Stubborn climate skeptic hold-outs now face more than just the rest of the world's scorn: Their towns might not be on the map in a few years

Hubble telescope image from July 7, 2012 showing Pluto’s moon P5

Astronomers Find Pluto’s Fifth Moon

Blame Your Chicken Dinner for That Persistant Urinary Tract Infection

E. coli, the most common cause of urinary tract infections, has been growing resistant to antibiotics, and chickens may be to blame


Teach Yourself to Be Synesthetic: Hear Colors, See Sounds

A new study suggests that people may be able to teach themselves to have synesthetic experiences

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