Curiosity’s High-Definition Perspective of its Descent Onto Mars

Bask in the high-definition timelapse images captured by Curiosity as it landed on Mars

Complete Mars Curiosity Descent - Full Quality Enhanced HD 1080p Landing + Heat Shield impact

One of the first marvels to reach human eyes after the descent of the Curiosity rover into the thin Martian atmosphere two weeks ago was a timelapse that put together images captured by the rover’s own cameras. That original timelapse was made of low resolution pictures beamed back quickly from surface. Now the high-definition versions of those images have made it back to Earth, yielding the gloriously crisp video above.

Watch for the 20 second mark where you can see Curiosity’s heat shield, ejected at the beginning of the video, smack into the Martian surface. And, at the 32 second mark, the blast of the the Sky Crane’s rockets clearing the surface of dust.

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