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Even Darwin Could Be a Debbie Downer

A few bouts of angst written by Darwin reveal that no one is immune to the blues

Indiana Jones Cat doesn’t mind snakes so much.

Men Chasing Cat Stumble Upon 2,000-Year-Old Roman Treasures

A 2,000-year old burial chamber was discovered with the help of a cat


1950s Game Show Guest Had a Secret: He Saw Lincoln’s Assassination

A 5-year old Samuel J. Seymour saw Lincoln's assassination, lived to talk about it on a 1956 game show

“Sweaty troops on the beach prepare to move out.”

Never-Before-Seen Photos Taken 50 Years Ago During Preparations for Cuba Invasion

During the dark days of October 1962, Marines trained on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques to train for an amphibious assault on Cuba

Digital Laser Scans of Stonehenge Reveal Ancient Graffiti

The first complete 3D laser scan of Stonehenge's prehistoric stone circle revealed ancient graffiti and alignment with the winter and summer solstice

The Ness of Brodgar is on the largest of the Orkney Islands in northern Scotland.

Archaeologists Uncover Massive Stone Age Complex in Scotland

A 5,000-year old temple complex may have been the centre of Stone Age British culture

The ancient city of Tikal, located near Lady K’abel’s newly discovered tomb.

Maya Holy Snake Queen’s Tomb Unearthed in Guatemala

Are These Two Toes the World’s First Prostheses?

This is probably the world's first prosthetic—a wooden toe that dates back to before 600 BC

This ancient Buddhist statue is thought to have been carved from meteorite roughly 1000 years ago.

Carved From Meteorite, This Thousand-Year-Old Statue Was Taken From Tibet by the Nazi SS

Crafted from a meteorite fragment, Nazis may have taken this early Tibetan relic because it displayed a swastika

Palmyra, Syria

Looters Are Selling Artifacts to Fund War in Syria

War zones are dangerous places, for both people and cultural heritage

How the Record for Hottest Temperature Ever Was Refuted

A scanning electron microscope image of the ancient tooth, and the location of the beeswax filling.

6,500-Year Old Beeswax May Be Oldest Known Dental Filling

From the archives of an Italian museum, researchers may have found the oldest dental filling

America’s Issues with Voter Turnout Stretch Back More Than 200 Years

Since before the Revolutionary War, America has struggled with low voter turnout

The library Hermitage of St. Bernardine, in Stroud, New South Wales.

Internet Library Archived Every Last Bit of News That 20 Channels Produced Over Three Years

The Internet Archive has collected ALL of the TV news from the past three years


Remembering When JFK Sent Us to the Moon

President Kennedy bolstered American support for his mission to the Moon with a speech at Rice University in 1962

100 years ago, this would have been the only car fast enough to drive on Texas’ new highway.

100 Years Ago, Henry Ford Would Have Been The Only Driver on Texas’ New 85 MPH Highway

Texas' new highway will have a speed limit of 85 mph

A celebratory Silent Spring float

Crazy Lies Haters Threw at Rachel Carson

Silent Spring turns 50 this month, but Rachel Carson's ecological game-changer was not always the beloved green bible it is today

Labor day parade, 1882

Labor Day’s Secret Society Connections

Add Labor Day to the vaulted hall of things concocted by secret societies, alongside Madonna's Superbowl performance and Pancho Villa's stolen skull

Five Epic Patent Wars That Don’t Involve Apple

The recent Apple patent decision was a big one, but here are some historical patent wars you might not have heard of

Left, the Kingdom Tower of Jeddah. Right, the Tower of Babel.

Better, Faster, Taller – How Big can Buildings Really Get?

The race for the tallest structure in the world has been with us since humans built structures, and today it is going strong. But where's the limit?

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