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Neanderthal skulls

New Study Suggests Humans, Not Climate, Killed Off Neanderthals

Flying ants emerge from the grass.

Invasion of Flying Ants Is at Hand

Britain prepares to welcome their new flying ant overlords


Want to be a Genius? Try Zapping Your Brain

Researchers are hoping to use electric jolts to jump start people's brains

Today’s the Shared Anniversary of Ruin Porn Poster Children Detroit, Machu Picchu

July 24th marks double jackpot for the intrepid explorers of years past as well for as fans of the latest photographic trend, "ruin porn."

Sally Ride on board the challenger

How Sally Ride Was Even Tougher Than Ripley in Alien

The 400 meter race on 1984 Olympic track

The Science Behind London Olympics’ “Springy” Track

When the athletes hit the track at this summer's Olympic games, they'll be stepping onto a surface as finely tuned as they are

There are 14 different freestyle races in the Olympics, more than any other stroke.

Which Freestyle Method Would Help You Beat Michael Phelps?

Scientists examine the difference between two distinct freestyle strokes in order to determine the most efficient stroke around


World’s Coolest Animal Bridges

Animal bridges, aka ecoducts or wildlife crossings, allow wildlife to cross potential death-traps like highways and are are popping up all over the world

Why We Hoard – And How to Stop

A map of Afghanistan’s resources

Mapping Afghanistan’s Geology from Really, Really Far Away

Using aerial surveys, US geographers map the mineral resources found on Afghanistan's rocky surface

An elephant at the Toronto Zoo

It Is Too Hot For African Elephants… In Canada

Three elephants were supposed to fly from Toronto the California at the end of next week, but the weather is just too hot for these African animals


Should Dolphins and Whales Have Human Rights?

Because of their complex brains and rich social lives, should dolphins and whales be considered non-human legal persons, with full legal rights?

The translated conversation is displayed on a monitor.

Glasses Provide Subtitles For Foreign Language Conversations

Powell designed glasses with built-in screens that translate speech, the translation appearing live as subtitles floating in front of the wearer's eyes

The offending garden in Drummondville

City Officials Declare War on Lawn Gardens

A crowd in Shanghai

China’s Per Capita Carbon Emissions Nearly On Par with Europe’s

China's per capita CO2 emissions have almost caught up with Europe's

Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin on the moon

Here’s What Nixon Would Have Said if Apollo 11 Hadn't Returned

400 Years Worth of Water Discovered in Sub-Saharan Namibia


Superheroes’ Most Amazing Power: Getting Kids to Choose Healthy Snacks Over French Fries

Cornell researchers exploit kids' adoration of Batman for the better, using the superhero as an impetus to encourage kids to eat healthy


Oil Spill Finally Confirmed as a Culprit in Dolphin Deaths

A new report spells out that the oil spill, along with a couple other coincidental but unfortunate circumstances, initiated the grissly dolphin deaths


Twelve Dead In Colorado Theater Shooting

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