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Dust jacket of the book Mein Kampf, written by Adolf Hitler.

Germans un-Kampf-ortable With Reissue of Hitler’s Tome

Starting in 2015, Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf will once again be available to German readers

Goodness gracious, a great ball of fire

17 Minutes of Fireworks Go Off in 15 Seconds

Yesterday, in the San Diego Bay, a fireworks show meant to last 17 minutes went off in 15 seconds


U.S. & Europe are Hotspots for Deadly Emerging Diseases

Frog Daddy Raises Babies in Throat, Spits Them Out When Ready

The blue marble

Beautiful New Earth-From-Space Footage from NASA

Are Millennials Too Strung Out on Antidepressants to Even Know Who They Are?


Physicists Pin Down New Particle, Won’t Quite Call It the Higgs

Why We Set Off Fireworks on the Fourth of July

Because we always have

Laura Ingalls Wilder

‘Little House on the Prairie’ Author’s Autobiography Published for First Time Ever


Vintage Summer Tips From the U.S. Government: “Overeating Is Overheating”

In the early 1940s, in the years after the country had entered World War II, American government had a particular interest in keeping workers on the job


To Store Sunlight in Air, Just Add Water


One of the First Maps to Include “America” Found in Old Geometry Book


Timbuktu’s Ancient Relics Lay In Ruins At Hands of Militant Group


Science Answers Age-Old Question, Should We Live to Work or Work to Live?


Stick Bugs Have Sex for Two Months Straight

Yes. They can. Two-plus months. Or, more specifically, 79 days, says pseudonymous entomologist--blogger Bug Girl


Wrecked Rivers of T.S. Eliot’s ‘The Wasteland’ Teem With Life Once More

Easter Island Drug Makes Mice Happier, Smarter


London Had All-Electric Taxis in 1897


Chimps Celebrate the End of a Research Era


New Robot Eliminates Only Jobs Left – In the Service Sector

Carnegie Mellon University has developed a robot that can fill the gap of the absent salesperson

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