Our Planet

Coyote Creek

A Creek Defies the Odds

Thanks to 300 volunteers, steelhead are back again, despite highways, offices and a campus


Will the Dunes March Once Again?

As recently as 200 years ago, dunes and sheet sand were active throughout the Great Plains. A serious drought could bring them back


Hot-Rock Cooking Party

For archaeologists, the proof is in the pudding— or rather, in the agave, cactus and other goodies


From Twigs to Ravens, Nothing Escapes the Notice of Bernd Heinrich



It's colorless, odorless and gets no respect, but it's vital to the cycle of life— and we may be using too much


It All Comes Out in the Wash

A Gift of a Garden

Green activist Dan Barker is seeding many lives with hope


The Riddle of the Carolina Bays


Flood Forecasting

Water, Water, Everywhere


Wastewater Problem? Just Plant a Marsh

For some of the toughest environmental cleanups, plants can do it better and cheaper than we can

Ernest Thompson Seton

Black Wolf: Ernest Thompson Seton

In his lifetime no one did more than Ernest Thompson Seton to promote the idea that nature is a very good thing


Mysterious Pearls

Did they once belong to Vietnam's royal family? Perhaps. But for Ben Zucker, a "sleuth" of the gems trade, seeking the answer matters more than finding it


The Object at Hand

From a forest that flourished 207 million years ago, the Sherman Logs bear stony witness to a general's curiosity--and life in an age gone by


Phenomena, Comment and Notes

Life not only thrives in the heat and violence of Earth's submarine volcanoes, it may have started there


Mining the Scrap Heap for Treasure

Across America, a network of scrap-metal firms is supplying much of the raw materials, iron to aluminum, that fuel the growing global economy


Smithsonian Perspectives

The Smithsonian's gardens and greenery are things of beauty and delight as well as utility


Mapping the Margins

It's a violent world at the edges of our continental shelves, which could serve as a geology textbook


Golf Gets Back to Nature, Inviting Everyone to Play

Using natural landforms and native grasses and plants, golf course designers are creating links that are environmentally up to par


If Rocks Were Worth Money, a Hilltop Farmer Could Get Rich Quick


Around the Mall & Beyond

An all-day Saturday seminar on spices - one of the many programs on the Mall, around the world, even in cyberspace, offered by the Smithsonian Associates

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