Mind & Body


Noise Busters

To dissect the din that daily assaults our ears, researchers from the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse are taking to the streets

For Some, Pain Is Orange

Persons with synesthesia experience "extra" sensations. The Letter T may be navy blue; a sound can taste like pickles

Gene therapy

Betting on Designer Genes

Scientists dream of giving people new genes that will stop a disease or fix a problem. It is harder than anyone thought


Accents Are Forever

By their first birthday, babies are getting locked into the sounds of the language they hear spoken


The Return of the Phage

As deadly bacteria increasingly resist antibiotics, researchers try to improve a World War I era weapon


Malaria Kills One Child Every 30 Seconds

A new pandemic imperils half the world. Scientists think they know what has to be done, but the disease continues to outsmart them


Reading the Bones

MIT's campus

Charting the Terrain of Touch

At MIT's Laboratory for Human and Machine Haptics, researchers are probing the inner workings of our hands


The "Indomitable" MRI

Raymond Damadian's medical imaging machine set off a revolution but not without controversy


Help is on the Way

Combine the power of nature, animal companionship and music, and you have a recipe for healing

Nomar Garciaparra

Attack! Explode!

At the "house of pain," sports scientists are finding new ways to help great athletes get even better


You Will Feel No Pain

Doctors and patients swear hypnosis works, but after years of research we still don't know how

Human embryonic stem cells in cell culture

Ailing? Just Add Cells

Now we can grow the cells from which all others derive, but ethical questions are involved


Oh, My Aching Back

At the University of Vermont, scientists work to pinpoint the source of your pain


Reading for the Blind

Visually impaired subscribers to recorded periodicals peruse everything from Forbes to Skeptical Inquirer


In the Land of the Long-Distance Runners

Mexico's Copper Canyon is home to great athletes, the Tarahumara


The Quality of Mercy

At a small hospital in Vermont, nurses practice medicine as an art, marshaling compassion and skill in equal measure


The Beauty of Bare Bones


Solving the Aging Puzzle

Evolution may tell us why living things—including humans—age at such diverse rates

Ishihara Plate 9

Hey, Mr. White, That's the Wrong Color for That

As hard as you might try, it's not easy to keep folks from finding out that you're color-blind

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