Central & South America

Machu Picchu remained unknown to the outside world until the 20th century.

Winter Palace

The first major exhibition devoted to the Incas' fabled cold-weather retreat highlights Machu Picchu's secrets

Shadow Wolves officers (such as Scout and Nez) 
battle heatstroke and cramps in summer temperatures that can exceed 117 degrees.

Shadow Wolves

An all-Indian Customs unit possibly the world's best trackers uses techniques to pursue smugglers along a remote stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border


Tracking a Vanished People Through the Sierra Madre

In 1890, Carl Lumholtz pushed into Mexico, on a search for the ancient culture now known as the Anasazi. Instead, he found the Mogollon


The Granddaddy of the Nation's Trails Began in Mexico

The Camino Real, after languishing in the shadow of the Santa Fe, the Oregon and the California trails, is finally getting its due


A Year-End Night of Magic in This Cuban Hill Town

Was Zulueta a place of memory or of myth? When a journalist returns to his ancestral home to find out, the fireworks cast a spell

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