When They Put It in Writing, They Were Cursing, Not Cussing

In ancient times, those in the know called on the many spirits of the underworld to make their curses, hexes and spells come true


Review of 'A Field Guide to Germs'

The General Bunch house, which was originally located in the New River area of Anderson County, was the first log cabin to be acquired by Irwin, reconstructed, and put on display at the site that was to become the Museum of Appalachia.

Bark Grinders and Fly Minders Tell a Tale of Appalachia

At his Tennessee museum, John Rice Irwin's love for his mountain upbringing puts people in touch with a fast-disappearing way of life


Review of 'Peculiar People: The Story of My Life'


Review of 'Scenes from the Life of a City'

Daring Deeds, Bold Dreams, in a Land Removed From Time

In The World Beneath, the sequel to his best-selling Dinotopia, author-artist James Gurney unveils a ravishing, action-packed adventure


'Merry of Soul': The legacy of Robert Louis Stevenson

Writer Simon Winchester explores Stevenson's life and proves why he is still loved today

Etching of Joseph O. Eaton's portrait of Herman Melville

During Melville's Lifetime, Fame Proved Elusive for a Literary Giant

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