Daring Deeds, Bold Dreams, in a Land Removed From Time

In The World Beneath, the sequel to his best-selling Dinotopia, author-artist James Gurney unveils a ravishing, action-packed adventure

Wikimedia Commons

Author-artist James Gurney's latest creation, The World Beneath, is a ravishing, action-packed sequel to his best-selling Dinotopia. His lavish paintings depict an irresistible, enchanted isle, where dinosaurs and humans live in amity except for the occasional predations of a meat-eating tyrannosaur.

The World Beneath takes hero-scientist Arthur Denison and his teenage son Will deeper into the heart of Dinotopia, and deeper into high adventure. Writer Donald Dale Jackson spent several days at Gurney's Hudson Valley studio to create a portrait of a man in love with dinosaurs and his work.

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