Author: Myria Perez

Myria Perez

Myria Perez is a fossil preparator for the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Texas. She has gone on many fossil excavations including digging up Dimetrodon specimens in the little town of Seymour, Texas. She grew up with a passion for paleontology that led her to attend undergraduate school at Southern Methodist University. During her college years, she became a summer intern for the National Museum of Natural History and conducted research on ichthyosaurs with paleontologist Dr. Anna K. Behrensmeyer.

A new exhibition at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History reveals how millions of years ago, large-scale natural forces created the condition for real-life sea monsters to thrive in the South Atlantic Ocean basin shortly after it formed. “Sea Monsters Unearthed” offers visitors the opportunity to dive into Cretaceous Angola’s cool coastal waters, examine the fossils of striking marine reptiles that once lived there, and learn about the forces that continue to mold life in the ocean and on land. (Smithsonian Institution)