Smithsonian Voices

The Smithsonian Institution has hundreds of scholars, researchers and curators, each with an amazing story to tell about their work, their quests and their passions. Here is a sampling of the unique voices that make up the chorus of ideas at the Institution.

Star Trek Starship Enterprise studio model used in filming the original 1960s television series. Credit: Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, NASM2016-02678
The Sonic Wind 1 rocket sled, which was powered by nine solid fuel rockets with 40,000 pounds total thrust for five seconds. Credit: Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum
A view of the Ellinikon International Airport in Athens, Greece, which closed in 2001. This photo of the now-defunct airport was taken in 2007. Credit: Alexandros Lambrovassilis
This photo, donated by B. Golemba to the Langley Research Center, shows a few of the institution's human computers. Human computers were often women who helped to crunch data before the wide-spread use of electronic computers. Left to Right: Dorothy Vaughan, Lessie Hunter, Vivian Adair (Margaret Ridenhour and Charlotte Craidon in back). Credit: NASA
NASA astronaut Alvin Drew, mission specialist. Credit: NASA Johnson Space Center
Arthur C. Clarke poses for a photo beneath a sign advertising the motion picture
New evidence has made scientists rethink sauropods as being purely land dwellers. (dottedhippo/iStock/Thinkstock)
A new exhibit at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian highlights the ways in which American Indians have been part of the nation’s identity since before the country began. (Ernest Amoroso, Smithsonian)
The Honorable Senator Daniel Kahikina Akaka speaking during the lei-draping ceremony to commemorate King Kamehameha Day. June 7, 2009, the U.S. Capitol Visitors’ Center Emancipation Hall, Washington, D.C. (Courtesy of the U.S. Senate)