This female warrior was buried with an elaborately engraved headdress during the fourth century B.C.

Tomb Containing Three Generations of Warrior Women Unearthed in Russia

The four Scythians were buried together some 2,500 years ago

The newly discovered Viking ship

Archaeologists Use Georadar Tech to Find Buried Viking Ship in Norway

Researchers say the vessel is probably more than 1,000 years old

William Shakespeare (left) and John Fletcher (right) both contributed to Henry VIII, a new study suggests.

Artificial Intelligence Reveals Second Playwright’s Contributions to Shakespeare’s 'Henry VIII'

Scholars have long suspected the play, written in 1613, was a collaborative effort. Now, an algorithm has mapped out who wrote what

Communities in Baltimore are getting a look into the future of sea level rise with virtual reality.

City Planners Use Virtual Reality to Show Residents How Climate Change Will Affect Their Neighborhoods

A start-up called Virtual Planet is rolling out demonstrations in coastal cities affected by sea level rise

Via Getty: "A group of young women in traditional costumes play Galician music with bagpipes, tambourines and drum in the historic center during the San Froilan festivities on October 6, 2019 in Lugo, Galicia, Spain."

Scientists Show Humans May Share a 'Musical Grammar'

Across 60 cultures, songs sung in similar social contexts have shared musical features

A New Yorker captured this image of a flooded subway entrance on November 20.

How the New York City Subway Is Preparing for Climate Change

“We’re doing this because climate change is real,” the MTA account wrote on Twitter after a local shared a snapshot of a flooded subway entrance

Police from five different countries collaborated to recover the stolen artifacts.

Authorities Recover 10,000 Artifacts Stolen by International Antiquities Trafficking Ring

The organized crime group had connections across Italy, Britain, Germany, France and Serbia

The scan captures every detail that made the bust so iconic, including Nefertiti’s delicate neck, painted headdress, high cheekbones and sharp eyeliner.

3-D Scans of the Bust of Nefertiti Are Now Available Online

A German museum released the digital data to artist Cosmo Wenman after a hoax heist and lengthy legal battle

Despite aging in old volcanic caves, Saint-Nectaire cheese is rather sweet in aroma and flavor.

This Cheese’s Secret Ingredient Comes From Caves on Volcanic Hillsides

Each cellar has unique flora that gives its wheels of Saint-Nectaire a different flavor

The feathers were probably dark colored, which was unexpected in a polar region and might mean that the animals changed colors with seasons.

First Fossil Evidence of Feathered Polar Dinosaurs Found in Australia

The ten feathers are the first signs that fluffy dinosaurs lived near the South Pole more than 100 million years ago

Nina Allender created political cartoons for The Suffragist newspaper.

Celebrating a Century of Women’s Contributions to Comics and Cartoons

A new exhibit marking the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment features innovative illustrations from the suffragist movement to today

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