Social media is changing the nature of personal communication

How the Cell Phone Is Forever Changing Human Communication

An ongoing study by Smithsonian anthropologists investigates the dramatic shifts wrought by the smart phone

Philanthropist David M. Rubenstein (left) in conversation with National Museum of Natural History Kirk Johnson.

The Natural History Museum's National Fossil Hall Is Getting a Full Facelift

Museum director Kirk Johnson gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the new dinosaur hall, home to the T-Rex

Many scientists believe we are standing on the edge of an unprecedented era of extinction.

Why Should Humans Care if We're Entering the Sixth Mass Extinction?

In this episode of Generation Anthropocene, learn what a new era of extinction means for diverse species—including our own

Gymnast Dominique Dawes competes on the balance beam during the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.

Dominique Dawes' Guide to Watching Gymnastics

The former gold medalist offers a cheat sheet on her sport’s rules, maneuvers and slang

We’ve never cared less about a charismatic animal standing forlornly on a rapidly deteriorating landscape.

Podcast: Does Anybody Even Care About the Arctic Anymore?

This week's episode of Warm Regards asks why our coldest region has gotten the cold shoulder

Keep on the sunny side

Podcast: "Warm Regards" and the Challenge of Humanizing Climate Change

Meteorologist Eric Holthaus and others seek the bright side of an often gloomy conversation

This is what about a square inch of yttrium, a rare earth element, looks like.

Podcast: All About Rare Earth Elements, the 'Vitamins' Of Modern Society

In this episode of Generation Anthropocene, learn about rare earth elements (which aren't really that rare) and why they're so prized.


Daily Crossword

Test your knowledge on the Daily Crossword.

Daily Hidden Object

See how much treasure you can find

Sinatra on the radio

Listen to Never-Before-Released Tracks From Frank Sinatra’s Earliest Years on the Radio

You haven’t heard Ol’ Blue Eyes quite like this

Dried fruit powder will keep for up to two years.

Swedish Designers Are Turning Fruits and Veggies Into a Nonperishable Powder

The dried and powdered produce, called FoPo, could become a staple in disaster relief


The Future Is Here 2015

The Future is Here 2015


The Future Is Here 2015: Speaker Bios

The Future is Here 2015: Speaker Bios

The Best Gifts of 2014 for Science Geeks

A roundup of unique science gifts, from space dog lockets to mathematical bottle openers

Looking for a unique, useful gift for a traveler on your list? The Ostrich pillow may look unusual, but it's great for catching up on rest.

What to Give to the Traveler in Your Life

From clothespin reading lights to a clear-bottom kayak, gifts for every traveler (and price point)

A bittersweet moment from our Grand Prize Winner.

Announcing the Winners of the 2014 Smithsonian In Motion Video Contest

Watch the best of our submissions


Sochi 2014: What's In & What's Out

So much has changed since London and Vancouver. Let us guide you through the new Olympic scene

We Have A New Look

The new site design has lots of new features to explore. Tell us what you think!


World Metros A-Z

Can you name the most populous metro areas in the world for each letter?


Smithsonian Channel: Upcoming October Shows

Get an in-depth look at the Smithsonian's Landsdowne Portrait, the Greensboro Lunch Counter, and the Titanoboa Snake this month

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