What to Give to the Traveler in Your Life

From clothespin reading lights to a clear-bottom kayak, gifts for every traveler (and price point)

Looking for a unique, useful gift for a traveler on your list? The Ostrich pillow may look unusual, but it's great for catching up on rest. (Studio Banana Things)

Put down the luggage tags and tote bags—when you're checking your favorite world traveler off your shopping list this year, reach for something that's not only useful, but unique. The list below, compiled from suggestions by Smithsonian.com staff, includes treats for every price-point, from small stocking stuffers to more extravagant purchases (a clear bottom kayak, anyone?). Whether you're looking for something for the jetsetter who has it all (might we suggest a GPS-tracking wallet?) or a budding backpacker (perhaps a wilderness survival manual?) you're sure to find something for every traveler—and maybe something for yourself.

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Salut! Izola Travel Cup ($18)

Anyone who has resigned themselves to toasting a wonderful holiday from a paper cup—or straight from the bottle itself—will appreciate the simplicity and convenience of the Izola travel cup. Made from stainless steel, the tiny drinking cup collapses into a completely portable disc, ready to help you celebrate any occasion at a moment’s notice. The delicate engraving, "Salut!," makes everything that much more festive.

Suggested by Natasha Geiling, online reporter


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