On the Bay of Kotor, young men motor travelers out to “Our Lady of the Rocks” Church.

Montenegro’s Bay of Kotor

Today’s Kotor is a time-capsule retreat for travelers seeking a truly unspoiled Adriatic town

In the Alps, you'll share the trail with cows.

The "Cow Culture" of Switzerland's Berner Oberland

Living up high among the Swiss Alps, cow farmers keep their family traditions alive, earning a living by making cheese

St. Mark’s Basilica (above) reflects the apogee of Venetian influence: gilded ornamentation, including equine figures looted from Constantinople in 1204, caused it to be known as the Chiesa d’Oro (Church of Gold).

Venice, Italy

Locals know to hold their nose when enjoying the stinky cheese of Olomouc.

Stinky Cheese in Olomouc

A fine daytrip from Prague, the Czech Republic’s fourth-largest city offers more than just famous cheese

Some of the best beer in Europe—and some of its most enthusiastic beer drinkers—can be found in Prague.

Czech Beer

The Czechs invented Pilsner-style lager, but be sure to venture beyond this famous beer

Renting a bike is a great way to explore Aero Island.  Along the way you will see many U-shaped farms, typical of Denmark.

Aero Island Bike Ride (or Car Tour)

Rent a bicycle and see all this charming island has to offer

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral was built in 1900 over the supposed grave of a legendary Estonian hero.

A Walking Tour of Tallinn

Take in the beautiful sights of the capital city and the central town square from viewpoints on high

Large ferries like this Viking Line vessel cruise between Helsinki and Tallinn every day.

Sailing to Estonia

Tourists can catch an overnight cruise from Sweden or take a short boat trip from Finland to get to Estonia

Overlooking the Song Festival Grounds from the cheap seats is a statue of Gustav Ernesaks, who directed the Estonian National Male Choir for 50 years.

Estonia’s Singing Revolution

A long-standing tradition among Estonians, singing festivals served an important role in the country’s struggle for independence from the Soviet Union

Glamorous sailboats fill Copenhagen's canal.

Affording Copenhagen

Travelers on a budget can still enjoy the Danish capital

In the mid-19th century, a newfound respect for history led to Kalmar Castle's renovation.

Kalmar Castle: Sweden’s Royal Hub

From medieval palace to prison, distillery and granary, this castle was finally restored to its original glory

Rothenburg is still Germany's best-preserved walled town.  In the Middle Ages, Rothenburg was Germany's second-largest city with a population of 6,000.

Rothenburg: The Best of Medieval Germany

In the country’s best-preserved walled city, tourists get a taste of medieval history and some of the best modern shopping

With its forest of skyscrapers perched on the banks of the Main River, Frankfurt has been dubbed Germany's "Mainhattan."

Frankfurt—No Longer Bankfurt

Home to Germany’s banking district, Frankfurt also boasts major museums, winter gardens and bustling main square

Avebury is 16 times the size of Stonehenge.  Tourists are free to wander among 100 stones, ditches, mounds and curious patterns from the past.

A Guide to Mysterious Britain

Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Avebury and Dartmoor hold secrets of the island’s prehistoric past

Brighton is South England’s fun city and the destination for students, bohemians, and blue-collar Londoners looking to go “on holiday.”

Brighton: Fun, Sun, and Candy Floss

The carnival game and nature walks make this beach town on England’s southern shore a popular vacation spot for Londoners

Parts of a typical medieval castle.

Castle Architecture

Learning a few terms will enhance your experience among Europe’s medieval fortresses

Château de Chambord has 440 rooms and a fireplace for every day of the year.

Château de Chambord: 440 Rooms of Royal Opulence

Though it began as a simple hunting lodge, this chateau grew to six times the size of others in the Loire

Vernazza was once nicknamed "Little Venice" due to the series of romantic bridges that connected the two sides of the town before the main road was built.

A Guided Walking Tour of Vernazza

Introduce yourself to this village in Italy’s Cinque Terre through its characteristic town squares

After World War II, the trail connecting two Cinque Terre towns reopened and became established as a lovers' meeting point for boys and girls from the two towns.

The Love Story Behind the Via dell’Amore

A trail between two Cinque Terre towns, Riomaggiore and Manarola, brought lovers together and changed the region forever

You can easily spend hours observing the teen scene in Naples.

Naples: Italy in the Extreme

The unpredictable Italian city always has a secret or quirky attraction hidden among its many ancient streets

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