Peeling Open the 1947 Chiquita Banana Cookbook

What do ham banana rolls with cheese sauce and salmon salad tropical have to say about politics?

Blueberry endocarp

Fruits and Vegetables Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

Microscopy artist Robert Rock Belliveau says, "I couldn't believe the things I found on the things we eat every day"


Nothing Out of the Ordinary: Squirrel Stewed, 1878

A collection of old community cookbooks reflects a changing ecology and a cultural shift: the decline of hunting, chitlins and pig's feet

“Commune Gothic” Summer 1970

Brotherhood Spirit in Flesh Soup, or a Recipe Calling For Love

The counterculture has long been characterized by a single word: “love.” For some hippie communards, love was also a recipe ingredient

Charles McIlvaine, Pioneer of American Mycophagy

"I take no man's word for the qualities of a toadstool," said the man who took it upon himself to sample more than 600 species

Bedtime Reading From Beatrix Potter: Amateur Mycologist

Would Flopsy, Mopsy and Peter Cottontail have been conceived had it not been for the biases of Victorian era science?

An abstract image of an egg

Where Jet Engines, Football Fans and Eggs Collide

Does the noise in a Super Bowl stadium create enough power to fry up a dozen eggs?


Frito Pie and the Chip Technology that Changed the World

As we approach one of the biggest snack days of the year, meet the "Tom Edison of snack food" who brought us the "Anglo corn chip"

Saving the Whales (And Eating Them Too?)

What does whale meat taste like, and is it anything like jojoba oil, prosciutto or jellied crustaceans?

The Eagle headed across the harbor at Dane

Picnicking in the Polar Fog

In 1897, S. A. Andree took off for the pole on board his balloon, complete with a tuxedo he intended to wear upon his arrival in San Francisco

The Curious Case of a Gigantic Sham Clam

Geoducks are a staple of Chinese New Year. But did one grow to the size of a wheelbarrow?

“Penguin Interviews,” via Frederick Cook’s Through the first Antarctic night, 1896-1899.

A Different Kind of Dinner Bell in the Antarctic

How do you catch a penguin supper when you're trapped in Antarctic ice? Play music

Tasting Shackleton’s Whisky

The replication of a historic whisky might reflect merely our fascination with artificial artifacts---but the whisky yielded a surprise

A biologist with a salmon tracking device

What Does Home Smell Like?

Salmon's powerful, ingrained sense of smell allows them to return to the exact stream of their birth for spawning.

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