Uncovering the Secrets of Forest Canopies


Renovating Washington's Monument, Designer-Style

A Durable Memento

An upcoming exhibition honors the legacy of an American artist who found freedom in Liberia


Moving Down the Line

It's pulled and jimmied, tied and lifted —but the 20-ton Jupiter engine finally reaches its new home


Making Art Accessible

Roslyn Walker plans to extend the African museum into the classroom and send exhibits on the road

Bernice Johnson Reagon

Conveying History Through Song

Bernice Johnson Reagon adds cultural nuance and period flavor to rousing a cappella renditions


Trailing the Big Cats

For a walk on the wild side, follow the tracks of a tiger or look at a lion close up at the National Zoo


The Steam Locomotive

Even in the computer age, a thousand-ton train driven by fire and water inspires awe


Movie Magic on the Mall

Museum flicks – from German silents to a comedy starring kangaroos – are not the typical fare


Saving the Nation's Flag

After nearly two centuries of exposure, the Star-Spangled Banner gets a much needed overhaul


Scoping Out the Sky

For everyday folks and presidents, too, the Naval Observatory is a fascinating place to study the stars


Sharing the Gift of Music

An endowment accompanying rare instruments lets them be heard in performances and on recordings


Reading for the Blind

Visually impaired subscribers to recorded periodicals peruse everything from Forbes to Skeptical Inquirer


Wow! A Mile a Minute!

But 60 mph was a breeze to Barney Oldfield, better known as the "speed king" of the horseless carriage world

Drop Cut-Off Valve and Mechanism Model

Catching a Glimpse of America's Industrial Past

Joseph and Olga Hirshhorn attend the opening of the Hirshhorn on October 4, 1974.

Olga Hirshhorn and The Art of Living

A look into the life of the museum's leading lady

National Museum of Natural History

Backstage at the Museum

Behind the scenes, an expert unites teams and budgets, treasures and cases--reality and dreams


In Honor of Struggle

Life came hard for people like historian Lonnie Bunch's ancestors; he strives to commemorate them


Geology That's Alive

Volcanologist Richard Fiske loves fieldwork most of all--when he's on the job, the Earth moves

Smithsonian’s Museum Support Center in Suitland, Maryland

A Real "Nation's Attic"

It's a place with a two-foot-wide "dead zone," a "wet" pod and a refrigerated room for the garbage

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