When Heineken Bottles Were Square

In 1963, Alfred Heineken created a beer bottle that could also function as a brick to build houses in impoverished countries.


The History of Baseball Stadium Nachos

From a Mexican maitre 'd's mishap in 1943 to the gooey, orange stuff you put on your chips at the baseball game today.


On the Menu This Easter in Newfoundland: Seal Flipper Pie

This breaded pie made from seals has been consumed during the Lenten season since 1555

Since the mid to late 19th century, isinglass, a fish by-product has been used as a clarification agent in Guinness beer.

Hey Vegans! There May Be Fish Bladder in Your Guinness

Isinglass, a gelatine collected from the air-bladders of freshwater fish like the sturgeon, is used in the clarification process of some stouts


The Fishy History of the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish Sandwich

How a struggling entrepreneur in Ohio saved his burger business during Lent and changed the McDonald's menu for good.

On Black Day, single Koreans drown their sorrows in a bowl of jjajang myeon noodles.

Korea’s Black Day: When Sad, Single People Get Together And Eat Black Food

Each year on April 14, singles in South Korea drown their sorrows in a bowl of black noodles


This Artist Uses Meat As His Medium

Dominic Episcopo's red and raw images capture the spirit of Americana.

Falernum, a syrup that originates in Barbados, pairs nicely with rum.

Falernum: The Elusive Cocktail Syrup to Name Drop At Your Next Party

This tiki-era mixer, best served with rum, has a hazy past and an island-y bite

The most popular stories of the year.

Our Ten Most Popular Stories of 2012

What was the best small town in America, where is the real Springfield and what does a 40-foot-long snake look like? We answer these questions


Why Japan Is Obsessed With Kentucky Fried Chicken on Christmas

Thanks to the successful “Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!” (Kentucky for Christmas!) marketing campaign in 1974, Japan can't get enough KFC on Christmas Day


These Beautiful Blurs Are Nude Portraits

New York–based photographer Shinichi Maruyama has a knack for capturing motion on film


Why Peanut Butter is the Perfect Home for Salmonella

A food safety expert explains the scientific reasons why salmonella outbreaks in peanut butter—like the one earlier this week—are so common

Artist Calvin Seibert has been carving amazing sandcastles on beaches for nearly 30 years.

Amazing Modernist Sandcastles Sculpted by Calvin Seibert

Seifert uses simple tools to craft the details: two plastic putty knives and a five-gallon bucket to fill with extra sand.


Where Does Your Thanksgiving Meal Come From?

Take a closer look at where the staples of the holiday dinner originate -- from farms across the country, both large and small


The World’s Largest Collection of Coffee Cup Lids

With over 500 different disposable plastic lids, the architect-collector has pieced together a history of American innovation and culture


Pilgrims on Parade at the American History Museum

Pilgrim interpreters from the Plimoth Plantation arrive at the National Museum of American History


The Halloween Tradition Best Left Dead: Kale as Matchmaker

Be happy this Scottish tradition is passé, your future marriage may have depended on it


The World Beard And Moustache Championships: Where the Competition Gets Hairy

Last Saturday, more than 100 mustachioed and bearded participants gathered in Wittersdorf, a town in eastern France, to strut their scruff at the 2012 European World Beard and M0ustache Championships


Fire Tornado, Fire Devil, Whatever—Just Look at This Swirling Column of Fire

New York's state climatologist and a professor of atmospheric sciences at Cornell University, the columns of dust are more similar to a dust devil


Top Harvard Scholar Discovers 4th-Century Text Fragment That Suggests Jesus Was Married

Researcher Karen King announced today the stunning discovery that could is sure to send shock waves through the Christian world

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