Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket reached orbit on its second test launch, from New Zealand’s North Island.

Small Rockets Aim for a Big Market

Rocket Lab debuts its Electron launcher from New Zealand.

Slated for launch in 2024, Europe’s e.deorbit mission (artist’s concept) will collect the biggest and most troublesome pieces of space junk.

Earth, Clean Up Your Trash!

Everyone talks about the orbital debris problem. Europe’s Clean Space program intends to do something about it.

Kelly last lived on the space station—for a mere five months—in 2010-11.

Scott Kelly’s Year in Space

You think gravity wears you down? Try 12 months without it.

Rosetta will begin mapping comet 67 P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in August of this year.

Rosetta the Comet Chaser

A European spacecraft is about to make history’s first landing on a comet.

Would orbiting a spot in empty space, 15 percent farther from home than the Apollo astronauts ventured, be too much of a stretch for NASA, or too little? One big advantage is that it could be done soon, with equipment already under construction.

NASA Aims to go Beyond the Moon

It’s not a place, exactly. But it could be NASA’s next destination.

Space Shuttle Enterprise Arival at UHC on November 20, 2003 being moved into the Space Hangar

Shuttles For Sale

Three orbiters in search of good homes. Not cheap.

The Navy’s 85-foot-tall antenna at Point Mugu, California, relayed signals from the Syncom 3 satellite until 1966.

Spin Doctors

For that satellite dish on your roof and the phone calls you make to Japan, you can thank Harold Rosen.

Pluto (smaller sphere) and its moon Charon are the first guideposts of the Kuiper Belt. They may help reveal why planets long ago stopped forming in the outer solar system.

Where the Wild Things Are

We’re about to get a peek at the solar system’s final frontier.

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