Articles by Brian Wolly

Photovoltaic panels are ideally suited to remote locations, as in this island community in Denmark, where the infrastructure required to connect to a centralized power grid is prohibitively expensive or too destructive to the natural landscape.

Energy Saving Lessons From Around the World

The curator of an exhibit at the National Building Museum highlights case studies of community involvement in energy conservation

Dustin Hoffman, in the famous scene from The Graduate, during his first liaison with Mrs. Robinson. The movie was rejected by every major Hollywood studio.

Five Films that Redefined Hollywood

Author Mark Harris discusses his book about the five movies nominated for Best Picture at the 1967 Academy Awards

Inauguration of President Kennedy on the East Portico of the U.S. Capitol.

Inauguration History

Inaugural Firsts

When was the first inaugural parade? Who had the longest inaugural address? A look at presidential inaugurations through time

John Hodgman, the author of "More Information Than You Require," is a preeminent authority on fake trivia.

John Hodgman Gives “More Information Than You Require”

John Hodgman, best recognized as the "PC" in the Apple advertising campaign, discusses how humans distinguish fact from falsehood

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