Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum

An Oasis of Art

Long Island City's best-kept secret, the Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum offers a rare insight into the sculptor's work


Martin Johnson Heade: An American Original

A master of light, atmosphere and mood, the 19th-century artist is now recognized as one of this country's great Romantic painters


Out of Egypt: Art in the Age of the Pyramids

A landmark exhibition showcases the creative genius that burgeoned during the Old Kingdom


The Many Faces of Gustave Moreau

The 19th-century French painter infused his diverse works with exoticism and poetic imagination

Emily Carr

Canada's National Treasure

Artist Emily Carr captured the spirit of the northwest coast

Dosso Dossi

Dosso Dossi

After four centuries a Renaissance artist is brought to light

The famous sculptor in 1925.

Aristide Maillol: The Sculptor, The Man and His Muse

The eminent artist's last model, Dina Vierny, has dedicated herself to preserving and perpetuating the legacy of his life's work


The Art Treasures of China Are on the Road Once More

For years they were shuttled from one hiding place to another to escape the Japanese and then the Communists - now they're coming here


Mondrian and the Eternal Rectangle

In search of the transcendent, the Dutch painter created grids of red, blue and yellow that are very much with us

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