Music of the Tropics: Balinese Drum Troupe Performs at the Sackler

Syncopated rhythms and melodic drums characterize Indonesdian "gamelan" music


A Japanese Princess Gets Her Royal Due at the Sackler Gallery

A new exhibition


American Art Showcases Two Sides of Nature in Photographs


Barack Obama is the Man of the Moment at the Portrait Gallery


Kwanzaa Just a Part of Year-Long Jubilee in Anacostia


Smithsonian Scientists Unearth Problems with Biofuel Crops

Photograph of Alec Soth taken in his studio

At the Portrait Gallery, Alec Soth Likes Looking at Women


Smithsonian Says Goodbye to Odetta

A look back on the performer's life


Sackler Exhibit Spills the Secrets of Yoga

One of the highlights of Emancipation Hall is a skylight view of the Capitol Dome, from below the East steps of the building.

Inside the Capitol Visitors Center

After years of delays and millions of dollars spent, the brand-new Capitol Visitors Center opens in December

North African artisans combined gold and silver to forge jewelry like the khamsa.

What's Up

Lincoln's face, African alchemy, and Victory Mail are all on display at Smithsonian museums

Installation artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude.  Together they built "Running Fence", a 24.5-mile fabric divide through Northern California.

Q and A: Christo and Jeanne-Claude

The artists discuss Running Fence, their 1976 fabric installation that ran through Northern California and subject of an upcoming Smithsonian exhibition

"First lady of the children's folk song," Ella Jenkins.

Holiday Spirit

NASA's Stardust capsule returned from a seven-year, three-billion-mile trip to collect dust from comet Wild 2.

Stardust Memories

Cosmic dust may reveal some of the uncovered secrets of our universe


What's Cooking: Turkeys at the Smithsonian


Beam Me Up, Stardust: Civilian Science Catches on at NASA


Demystifying the Doctor: Government-Sponsored Art Comes To a Coffee Shop Near You

Roy Lichtenstein, Modern Head, 1974/1989-1990.

Roy Lichtenstein: Making History

A well-known sculpture works its way back from 9/11 damage

Garden and Cosmos: The Royal Paintings of Jodhpur.

What’s Up From the Smithsonian

Photographic keepsakes, garden paintings from the maharajahs and Fritz Scholder’s Indian identity on canvas

Michelle Delaney holding the original 1888 Kodak and Larry Bird holding a display of campaign buttons.

American History Museum: Pieces of Our Past

Smithsonian curators probe the meanings of telltale objects

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