In the News: ‘Green Thanksgiving,’ Futuristic Food, Extreme Beer, and Farmer in Chief

A roundup of recent food-related features worth checking out

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Dogfish Head Brewery, featured in the New Yorker. Courtesy of Flickr user creativedc

A roundup of recent food-related features worth checking out:

On Sunday, the Washington Post ran this graphic about a "greener Thanksgiving," which gave me a nudge of guilt about buying Californian wine and South American asparagus, but I promise to eat all my leftovers...

Topics like food miles and carbon points get a much sexier treatment in Wired magazine's November special section on "The Future of Food". Such a science-and-stats heavy story could have been as dry as shredded wheat—but instead it's served up as an eye-catching feast, replete with bright graphics and sleek photos of everything from cows to catfish.

The New Yorker has a great piece this week on "extreme beer," which examines novel brewing techniques and asks: "When does beer cease to be beer?"

And finally, Michael Pollan wrote a thought-provoking feature for the New York Times magazine last month, titled "Farmer in Chief." In it, he advised the President-Elect (whose identity was still a mystery then) that "Food is about to demand your attention" in relation to national security, energy policy, health care, foreign policy, and just about every other aspect of leading a country. I hope Obama got a chance to read it.

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