Douglas A-1 Skyraider

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The Douglas Skyraider was a single-seat, carrier-based, long-range dive/torpedo bomber that saw action in Korea and Vietnam. This particular airplane, an AD-4NA built in the early 1950s, is now in the Heritage Flight Museum founded by Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders. While with the U.S. Navy it served aboard the USS Kearsarge with VA-115 in 1953, off the coast of Korea. The cease-fire was called before it saw combat action.

Source/ more information: Heritage Flight Museum

Photographer Lyle Jansma started creating 360º views of cockpits in 2005, and has documented historic aircraft in several collections, including the Heritage Flight Museum, Museum of Flight, Erickson Aircraft Collection, Evergreen Air & Space Museum, and the National Museum of the Air Force. A full set of his cockpit views is available on the ACI Cockpit360º App for iOS and Android. Keep visiting this site ( as we add to the gallery below.

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