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The 20 Best Food Trucks in the United States

The food truck revolution is in full force as mobile restaurants around the country dish out tacos, BBQ and other great eats

(Courtesy of Kogi, via Facebook.)

Torched Goodness, Phoenix

Torched Goodness
(Courtesy of Torched Goodness, via Facebook)

When he opened his crème brûleé truck, Torched Goodness, in 2010, Eric Ireland triggered the Valley of the Sun’s sweet tooth with a vengeance. A chef with 20 years of experience in the area, Ireland hopped on the small but burgeoning food truck fad in the Phoenix-Scottsdale region and skyrocketed to the top. Many of the area’s trucks tout greasy comfort foods like tacos and hot dogs; Torched Goodness aims to bring a more gourmet sensibility to the table (or parking lot). The “perfectly burnt” custards come in flavors ranging from the classic vanilla to the more exotic lavender or maple bacon. – AS

Website: http://www.torchedgoodness.com
Twitter: @torchedgoodness
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/torchedgoodness


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