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The 20 Best Food Trucks in the United States

The food truck revolution is in full force as mobile restaurants around the country dish out tacos, BBQ and other great eats

(Courtesy of Kogi, via Facebook.)

Bone-in Artisan Barbecue on Wheels, Columbia, South Carolina

Bone in Artisan Barbecue on Wheels
(Courtesy of Bone-in Artisan Barbecue on Wheels)

Chef Scott Hall’s founding of Bone-in Artisan Barbecue on Wheels in early 2011 kicked off what is now a budding upscale food truck scene in Columbia, South Carolina. His standbys are pulled pork in spicy vinegar and smoked brisket in hickory-hoisin sauce on homemade focaccia bread, each served with hand-cut potato chips. But, his menu also includes rotating items, such as chorizo and pimento cheese on sourdough and gourmet mac and cheese. “Folks, we are beyond the petty regionalisms of vinegar vs. mustard vs. tomato,” writes Chowhound. “This is no longer your grandfather’s barbecue. And thank goodness for that. Slow-cooked and smoky meats deserve more attention and more creativity, and this truck delivers the goods.” – MG

Website: http://www.artisanbbqtruck.com/
Twitter: @artisanbbqtruck
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ArtisanBBQTruck


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