Rick Steves’ Europe: Blackpool, England

Home to a giant amusement park, a vintage trolley and an old-time variety show, Blackpool is northwest England’s glittering beach city

Barry Lewis / Corbis

Blackpool Beach

Blackpool England beach
(Barry Lewis / Corbis)

While sun worshippers may opt for staying on the beach, other visitors may check out the promenade or Blackpool Tower.

Blackpool Promenade

Blackpool England promenade
(Andrew J.G. Bell; Eye Ubiquitous / Corbis)

Blackpool, the first city in England to switch on electric streetlights, illuminates all six miles of waterfront each September and October.

Turn of the Century

Blackpool England tower
(The Francis Frith Collection / Corbis)

Over-the-top it may be, but the perennially popular resort town has attracted huge crowds since the 1890s.

Vintage Trolley Cars

Blackpool England trams
(ilian transport / Alamy)

The vintage trolley cars rattle constantly up and down the promenade in Blackpool.

Blackpool, England

Blackpool England map
(Guilbert Gates)

Blinking and giggling on the coast just north of Liverpool, Blackpool has been the vacation dreamland of generations of working-class North Englanders.

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