Afraid to Go Back to the Cronut? Here Are Five Pastries That Could Take Its Place as the Pastry of Choice

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these delicious treats

The Donart (The Green Radish)

The Milky Bun

(Courtesy of Afters Ice Cream)

Not all pastry mash-ups are born and bred on the East Coast. The Milk Bun is SoCal's stab at a sugary mash-up, and it's divine. The brainchild of Afters Ice Cream in Fountain Valley, California, it's a doughy, glazed bun filled with hand-crafted ice cream and sealed panini-style, resulting in a sandwich-like dessert that's warm on the outside and cool and creamy on the inside. You even get to choose your own ice cream from flavors like Vietnamese Coffee and Jasmine Milk Tea.

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