Best Places to Celebrate Oktoberfest Other Than Munich

If drinking beer and eating schnitzel alongside 6 million people doesn’t appeal to you, here are places to celebrate while avoiding Munich’s crowds

Revelers celebrating Oktoberfest Brisbane (Oktoberfest Brisbane)

Brisbane, Australia

October 10-12, 17-19

To celebrate Oktoberfest down under, head to Brisbane, which hosts Australia's largest Oktoberfest. Even though it attracts crowds of more than 30,000, the big festival manages to maintain an intimate feel, thanks to the two Australian-German families who started, and still run, the festival. Held over the course of two weekends in October, Oktoberfest Brisbane features traditional German food, German and Australian wines, and traditional German beer brewed specially for the event (and held to the same exacting standards as beer brewed for the Munich festival).


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