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Not for the faint of heart, these destinations are meant to entice thrill-seeking tourists.

Chinese Province Closes All of Its Glass Bridges Amid Safety Concerns

Heart-stopping glass structures have become a craze in China, but some have been linked to injuries and fatalities

A sculpture depicting Irish author James Joyce is seen behind his grave in Fluntern cemetery in Zurich

Dublin Wants to Reclaim James Joyce's Body Before the Centenary of 'Ulysses'

Critics question whether the author, who died in Zurich after a 30-year exile, ever wanted to return home, even in death

The wooden sarcophagi boast colorful, well-preserved paintings and inscriptions

Archaeologists Discover 20 Sealed Ancient Egyptian Coffins

The sarcophagi—decorated in shades of red, green, white and black—were found stacked in two layers in a giant tomb

Karly Bast with her scale model of Leonardo da Vinci's bridge design

Scientists Prove Leonardo da Vinci’s 500-Year-Old Bridge Design Actually Works

A model created at MIT shows the bridge, which would have been 10 times longer than typical ones, could have spanned the Golden Horn

Here an octopus—not Heidi—swims in a tank.

Heidi the Snoozing Octopus May Not Be Dreaming After All

A video of the octopus’ in-sleep color changes are fascinating, but it doesn’t tell us much

North America's Rarest Warbler Comes Off the Endangered List

Habitat restoration and invasive species trapping have helped Kirtland's recover in its central Michigan home

An employee of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant walks in the control room of the destroyed 4th block of the plant on February 24, 2011, ahead of the 25th anniversary of the meltdown of reactor number four.

You Can Now Visit Chernobyl's Control Room, if You're Quick About It

Visitors will have five minutes to look around the contaminated spot where the worst nuclear disaster in history took place

John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino

Development of the Lithium-Ion Battery Earns Nobel Prize in Chemistry

The award honors three scientists whose contributions led to the rechargeable battery that makes our modern world possible

Let the battle of the bulge commence

Holly Cow! Fattest Bear of Them All Claims Coveted Title

For #FatBearWeek2019, the furever fabulous 435 Holly reigns triumphant

D.C.'s Newseum Is Closing Its Doors at the End of the Year

The museum dedicated to the history of journalism and the First Amendment has struggled financially since opening 11 years ago

Bankruptcy of U.K.'s Largest Travel Operator Strands Thousands of Vacationers

The U.K. government is undertaking the largest repatriation effort since WWII to bring home 150,000 Thomas Cook customers

The Tiger Temple charged tourists to feed, take photos with captive felines

86 Big Cats Rescued From Thailand’s Tiger Temple Have Died in Government Custody

Although the government says inbreeding, stress contributed to the felines' demise, critics have also cited cramped conditions, inadequate facilities

Once Thought to Be Extinct, This Lucky Clover Has Recovered Enough to Come Off the Endangered List

Running Buffalo Clover, which once spread on trampled ground left by bison, has made a comeback in the Midwest and Appalachians

Help Find the Owners of More Than 100 Recovered Artworks

Stolen around Los Angeles in 1993, the paintings and antiques were recently recovered by LAPD when some were brought to an auction house

London's 'Eiffel Tower' Is Still Losing Money

Built for the 2012 Olympic Games, the ArcelorMittal Orbit has not turned into the tourist attraction it was expected to become

Najin (left) and Fatu, the last two northern white rhinos, on the day before their eggs were harvested.

Eggs Successfully Collected from the Last Two Northern White Rhinos

Advances in fertility science will hopefully allow researchers to implant embryos of the species into surrogate southern white rhinos

The Ohio State University filed for a trademark application to the word “THE”

The Ohio State University Seeks to Trademark 'The'

This article is about an article

Here's How That Internet-Famous 'Fish Tube' Works

The cheap, efficient pneumatic tubes may be a good solution for helping salmon and other migratory species move past dams

Rare Lightning Strikes Detected 300 Miles From North Pole

Cool temps, low moisture and a stable atmosphere usually prevent thunderstorms from developing in the Arctic

Trump Administration Overhauls How the Endangered Species Act Is Enforced

Critics say that the new rules limit much-needed protections for at-risk wildlife

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