Time Zones

Paisaje Artico de Sommarøy

This Norwegian Island Wants to Become the World’s First Time-Free Zone

‘Our goal is to provide full flexibility, 24/7,’ one resident said. ‘If you want to cut the lawn at 4 a.m., then you do it.’

The Groclock aims to teach little kids to stay in bed until a predetermined time.

Five Technologies That Could Ease the Transition to Daylight Saving Time

Don't forget, it's nearly time to "Spring forward!" Here are some strategies to help you deal with the change

One of NIST’s ytterbium optical lattice clocks.

Scientists Measure the Second With Record-Breaking Precision

A new generation of optical clocks are becoming ever more reliable as physicists work to redefine time

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The EU Mulls Ditching Daylight Saving Time

The European Commission is polling citizens about whether the 28-nation bloc should keep springing forward and falling back each year

Unfortunately, there’s not an unlimited amount of daylight that we can squeeze out of our clocks.

One Hundred Years Later, the Madness of Daylight Saving Time Endures

The original arguments Congress made for 'springing ahead' have been thoroughly debunked. So why are they still being used today?

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