St. Patrick's Day

A bright green Banky mural appeared on a residential building in London on St. Patrick's Day.

New Banksy Mural Appears on a Building in London

Located on a wall behind a bare tree, the work features towering streaks of green meant to look like foliage

Religious lore suggests that God showed Patrick the entrance to purgatory, where the Irish could witness the consequences of not embracing Christianity with their own eyes.

St. Patrick Opened a Portal to Purgatory on This Little-Known Irish Island

Medieval pilgrims flocked to the site for spiritual purification

Unlike St. Patrick, St. Brigid was actually born in Ireland.

Meet St. Brigid, Ireland's Only Woman Patron Saint

The fifth-century abbess is stepping out of the shadow of the better-known St. Patrick

Green waters of Lake Carezza, Italy.

Nine Places to Enjoy Naturally Green Waters This St. Patrick's Day

Leave the dye behind—these watery wonderlands are 100 percent natural

Beginning as a religious feast day, Saint Patrick's Day has become an international celebration of Irish heritage.

The Origins of Chicago's Green River, Shamrock Shakes and Other Surprising Trivia About St. Patrick's Day

From colonial patriots to mass-marketed milkshakes, the Irish religious holiday has morphed into a worldwide celebration

Should the color of St. Patrick's Day be blue or green?

Should We Be Wearing Blue on St. Patrick’s Day?

Before green came on the scene, blue was the color associated with the Saint and the Emerald Isle

The First Green Beer Was Made With Laundry Whitener

Before food coloring, St. Patrick’s Day’s most festive brew got its hue from a different kind of dye

"All the raw materials are there for an incredible cuisine. It just never really had an opportunity to blossom."

This is the Perfect Meal to Cook for This St. Patrick's Day

Chef Cathal Armstrong talks to us about his debut cookbook and offers up recipes that show Ireland's evolving cuisine

Group of people cheering and waving Irish flags during the St. Patrick's Day parade in New York City.

Unusual St. Patrick's Day Celebrations

Leprechauns and green shamrocks are only a part of celebrating St. Patrick's Day for Irish communities around the world


Celebrating St. Patrick

On March 17, everyone's green-even the Chicago River. Yet St. Patrick remains colored in myth

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