Scientifically Accurate 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' Is Still Charming

Stars aren't diamonds at all—they're giant balls of gas

Irving Berlin and wife Ellen MacKay

"White Christmas" Is Actually the Saddest Christmas Song

The season would have reminded composer Irving Berlin of his young son who died Christmas Day in 1928

Rosanne Cash on Discovering New Artistic Terrain

The singer-songwriter looked to her Southern ancestors to come up with a different kind of concept album


Torch Song

Ode to an ancient summer rite, excesses and all

Northworth and Von Tilzer's song was recorded some 100 times by artists such as Frank Sinatra and today's Dr. John.

Baseball’s Anthem for All Ages

In 1908, an improbable pair of music men hit a tuneful home run without ever having seen a game

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