A wandering albatross (Diomedea exulans) taking off for flight, carrying a GPS tracker that can detect radar emitted from ships.

Albatrosses Outfitted With GPS Trackers Detect Illegal Fishing Vessels

By utilizing the majestic birds to monitor huge swaths of the sea, law enforcement and conservationists could keep better tabs on illicit activities

A Shipwreck Off Florida's Coast Pits Archaeologists Against Treasure Hunters

The discovery of a legendary wreck raises questions about who should control sunken riches

The Fiscardo wreck's amphorae are exceptionally well-preserved.

Cool Finds

Enormous Roman Shipwreck Found Off Greek Island

The 110-foot-long ship carried more than 6,000 amphorae used as shipping containers in the ancient world

A sonar image of the S.M.S. Scharnhorst, which sank in the south Atlantic on December 8, 1914

Cool Finds

German Ship Sunk During WWI Found Off Falkland Islands

Archaeologists started searching for the "Scharnhorst" on the centenary of the 1914 battle

The newly discovered Viking ship

Cool Finds

Archaeologists Use Georadar Tech to Find Buried Viking Ship in Norway

Researchers say the vessel is probably more than 1,000 years old


Exploring Five of the Most Iconic Wreckage Sites in Bermuda

The island’s ‘custodian of historic wrecks’ shares his favorite underwater sites for divers to experience

Ocean X recovered 900 bottles of alcohol from a 102-year-old shipwreck.

Cool Finds

Tsar Nicholas II's Last Shipment of Booze Recovered From the Baltic Sea

Salvagers hope that some of the 900 bottles of cognac and Benedictine are still drinkable

One of the wrecks discovered off the coast of Vaxholm

Cool Finds

This Wreck May Be the Sister Ship of Sweden's Ill-Fated 'Vasa' Warship

Divers discovered the wreckage of two 17th-century warships off the coast of an island near Stockholm

For 100 years, the Iron Scow was lodged in the same place in the "powerful upper rapids" above the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, according to Niagara Parks. On Halloween weekend this year, it shifted for the first time.

A Historic Boat, Stuck Above Niagara Falls Since 1918, Finally Breaks Free

But the vessel’s joyride didn’t last long; it is now lodged in a new location some 160 feet downriver

Researchers suspect the wreck is all that remains of the U.S.S. Johnston, a naval destroyer sunk during the Battle off Samar in October 1944.

Cool Finds

World's Deepest Shipwreck Is WWII Destroyer Lost in the Philippine Sea

A private mission found the mangled debris of what is likely the U.S.S. Johnston 20,400 feet under the surface

The Melckmeyt sank in October 1659

Virtual Travel

Take a Virtual Tour of a 17th-Century Shipwreck

A new VR experience lets users explore the "Melckmeyt" without diving into Iceland’s freezing waters

Marine archaeologists explore the HMS Terror on the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean. To get a look inside the ship, divers deployed a remotely operated vehicle, or ROV.

Divers Get an Eerie First Look Inside the Arctic Shipwreck of the HMS Terror

Marine archaeologists exploring the 19th-century vessel could discover clues about what befell the sailors of the Franklin expedition

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The Titanic Is Being Reclaimed by the Sea

The first manned survey of the ship in 14 years reveals parts of the vessel have rusted away, including the crow's nest, captain's quarters and poop deck

Minke whale on a whaling ship in a Hokkaido port on July 1, 2019.

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Japan Resumes Commercial Whaling in Its Home Waters

As of yesterday, the whaling fleet had caught 2 minke whales and set a quota of 227 animals for the rest of 2019

Ancient shipwreck in the sea off Protaras, Cyprus.

Found: An ‘Undisturbed’ Roman Ship Near Cyprus

The vessel is still packed with amphorae, and may testify to Cyprus’ importance in ancient maritime trade routes

In 1847, all but 48 Irish immigrant passengers fleeing famine aboard the ship known as the Carricks drowned offshore from Cap-des-Rosiers.

Bones Found on Quebec Beach Traced to Irish Immigrants Fleeing the Potato Famine

The victims died when a ship transporting them to Canada was wrecked offshore of Cap-des-Rosiers beach

New Research

Twice as Many Fishing Vessels Are Chasing Fewer Fish on the World's Oceans

Since 1950, the number of boats has gone from 1.7 million to 3.7 million, even though fish stocks have crumbled

The descendants of Cudjo Lewis and Abache (above) heard stories of the ship that tore their ancestors from their homeland and now the wreck of the Clotilda has been confirmed to be found in Alabama's Mobile River.

The 'Clotilda,' the Last Known Slave Ship to Arrive in the U.S., Is Found

The discovery carries intense personal meaning for an Alabama community of descendants of the ship's survivors

Expanding access to the deep ocean will spark interest in exploration, Rush believes: Getting underwater is “such an amazing emotional experience.”

A Deep Dive Into the Plans to Take Tourists to the 'Titanic'

For a handsome price, a daredevil inventor will bring you aboard his groundbreaking submarine to put eyes on most famous shipwreck of all

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Virtual Travel

Virtual Reality Museum Allows Users to Explore Five Shipwrecked Vessels

The online portal features 3-D models, video footage and mosaic maps of five 19th- and 20th-century shipwrecks

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