Shark Week

The Mexican government has banned shark-related tourism activities, including cage diving, at Guadalupe Island.

Mexico Bans Great White Shark-Related Tourism on Guadalupe Island

The government cited bad practices in the industry as a reason for the ban, which has sparked concerns for the local economy

Galapagos sharks swim near Maui, Hawaii.

Discovery Channel's 'Shark Week' Is Packed With Misinformation and Junk Science

Scientists watched 202 episodes and found them filled with unreliable information and white male experts named 'Mike'

Not much is known about the megamouth, which was first observed by scientists in 1976. A new specimen (not pictured above) has traveled to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, where researchers will study it to learn more about its behavior and life cycle.

Rare Megamouth Shark Arrives at the Smithsonian

Studying and eventually preserving the megamouth will help researchers learn more about the puzzling species

A white tip reef shark swims above the reef near the Gambier Islands, French Polynesia in 2018

Reef Sharks Are in Serious Danger of Extinction

Researchers found that the sharks are 'functionally extinct' in 20 percent of coral reefs surveyed


Megalodon May Be Extinct, but There’s a Life-Size One at the Smithsonian

A 52-foot, life-size model of a <i>Carcharocles megalodon</i> shark is now on display in the National Museum of Natural History

The fin of a blacktip shark glides through the waters in the Bahamas.

Ten Things We've Learned about Sharks Since Last Shark Week

In light of Shark Week 2017, here are some revelations about the fearsome fish we’ve made in the past year

A Great White Can Go Through 20,000 Teeth in Its Lifetime

While a great white shark's 300 serrated teeth are an amazing hunting adaptation, what's even more amazing is their replaceability

Sharks and Humans: A Love-Hate Story

A short history of our relationship with the ocean’s most intimidating fish

Blake Lively in "The Shallows."

How Realistic Is the Shark Science in "The Shallows"?

We ask shark expert Chris Lowe whether the science in the upcoming shark thriller has any teeth. Beachgoers: You're welcome.

Jacques Cousteau himself, in diving gear

Frustrated with Shark Week, This Year Biologists Celebrated Jacques Cousteau with #JacquesWeek

The French explorer and conservationist had a very different take on ocean life

Researchers have long debated whether shark repellants actually work.

Do Shark Repellents Really Work?

Mostly not, not even the one made by Julia Child

A photo of a whale shark, taken by a visitor during a Ceviche Tour swim in Isla Mujeres.

Save the Sharks By Swimming With Them

Ecotourism is helping promote shark conservation around the world—while also boosting local economies.

A blue shark near the Azores islands.

Bizarre Blue Shark Nursery Found in the North Atlantic

Rather than emerging in protected coves, baby blue sharks spend their first years in a big patch of open ocean

Two-headed smooth-hound (Mustelus)

A Two-Headed Shark and Other X-Rayed Beauties at the Smithsonian

Sandra Raredon's x-rays of fish specimens are critical records for scientists studying various species. And, as works of art, they are breathtaking

A 16th-century illustration of imaginary sea monsters from Cosmographia by Sebastian Mustern, based on creatures from Carta Marina by Olaus Magnus.

Sharks Were Once Called Sea Dogs, And Other Little-Known Facts

Centuries-old illustrations of sharks show just how much we've learned about the fish since our first sightings of them

A great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) in South Africa shows its jaws.

The State of Sharks, 40 Years After <em>Jaws</em>

We could be at a tipping point for conserving the infamous predators, if we can keep up shark-friendly practices

Dogfish shark denticles viewed using a scanning electron microscope.

Why Are Scientists Trying To Make Fake Shark Skin?

Faux marine animal skin could make swimmers faster, keep bathrooms clean and cloak underwater robots

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