Touchy Subject


Flights of Fancy

Leslie Payne's flying machines soared, if only in his imagination

Pheasants on the Prairie

Fields of Dreams

To help revive his North Dakota hometown, a former high-school principal created giant sculptures to grace a stretch of prairie highway

Contemporary Art is OK

Chihuly's Walla Wallas (2005).

The Nature of Glass

Prolific sculptor Dale Chihuly plants his vitreous visions in a Florida garden

Outer slope of the Rano Raraku volcano, the quarry of the Moais with many uncompleted statues.

The Mystery of Easter Island

New findings rekindle old debates about when the first people arrived and why their civilization collapsed


Digital Sculptures

Sculptors and artists designed lifelike masks for gravely wounded soldiers.

Faces of War

Amid the horrors of World War I, a corps of artists brought hope to soldiers disfigured in the trenches

35 Who Made a Difference: Andy Goldsworthy

Using nature as his canvas, the artist creates works of transcendent beauty


Lee Bontecou's Brave New World

A star of the 1960s art scene returns with a triumphant exhibition of futuristic works

Back to Nature

Artist Steve Tobin turns organic forms into sculpture

Venus de Milo

Base Deception

In 1821, the French carved a classical Greek sculpture. In the Venus de Milo, they thought they finally had one. Never mind that it wasn't really classical


Mischief Maker

A new exhibit showcases the neglected, playful sculptures of artist Joan Miró


Vinnie Ream

The "Prairie Cinderella" who sculpted Lincoln and Farragut — and set tongues wagging


Sculpture Blossoms in a New Garden on the Mall

The National Gallery of Art has given the people a park for all seasons and all ages

The famous sculptor in 1925.

Aristide Maillol: The Sculptor, The Man and His Muse

The eminent artist's last model, Dina Vierny, has dedicated herself to preserving and perpetuating the legacy of his life's work


The Object at Hand

Even as a bust, the real king of Siam turns out to be a more complex chap than the bald-headed caricature made famous by Yul Brynner and others


The Object at Hand

Edmonia Lewis' masterwork, a portrayal of Cleopatra at the moment of death, included stints in a Chicago saloon and as a grave marker for a racehorse


The Dying Tecumseh and the Birth of a Legend

A sculpture in the Smithsonian collection reveals much about how the Indians of the West were viewed in the early ages of the United States

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