Rodents and Shrews

Beavers have long been recognized as the engineers of the forest, constantly reshaping their surroundings.

Beavers: The Engineers of the Forest

Back from the brink of extinction, the beavers of Massachusetts are a crucial component of a healthy ecosystem

Baltimore has been a national hotspot for rat studies for well over half a century.

Crawling Around with Baltimore Street Rats

The “urban ecosystem” serves as a research lab for scientist Gregory Glass, who studies the lives of the Charm City’s rats

A family of black-tailed prairie dogs practices their vigilance from their colony in Highlands Ranch.

Denver’s Street-Smart Prairie Dogs

Researchers explore why members of one species are thriving in urban areas while rural populations dwindle

Muskrat lunch was also available in the school cafeteria.

Muskrat Love

An annual festival on Maryland’s Eastern Shore celebrates an unlikely mascot


How Squirrels Fly

Fascinated by the graceful gliding of these mammals with "wings," scientists take a close look.

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