Ocean Hall

A giant replica of the Aedes mosquito, a known vector for the disease yellow fever, has been waiting for visitors to return the National Museum of Natural History’s “Outbreak: Epidemics in a Connected World” exhibit.

Don't Miss These Objects When the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum Reopens

See everything from a giant replica of a mosquito, to an Allosaurus fossil, to a pink fairy armadillo when the museum opens June 18

Thousands of brooding octopuses were discovered in 2018 on the ocean floor off the coast of California.

Eighteen Things We've Learned About the Oceans in the Last Decade

In the past 10 years, the world's oceans have faced new challenges, revealed new wonders, and provided a roadmap for future conservation

Victor Vescovo piloting his sub, Limiting Factor.

American Becomes First to Visit the Five Deepest Spots in World's Oceans

Victor Vescovo recently concluded his Five Deeps Expedition, piloting a custom-built submarine to the deepest trenches on Earth

Bycatch is a major problem in fisheries, resulting in the deaths of countless endangered animals. New dynamic software helps fishermen avoid this harmful phenomenon.

Smart Software Helps Fishermen Catch the Fish They Want, Not Endangered Species

Like a dynamic weather app for the sea, the program allows fishermen to pinpoint areas of conservation and can be updated daily

A green turtle.

Why Do We Have Trouble Talking About Success In Ocean Conservation?

Despite what you’ve read in the news, there’s still hope for a future with a healthy ocean

William Chadwick Jr. and a team from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration were the fist to video tape an erupting underwater volcano

Underwater Discovery

Watch an erupting underwater volcano

Nancy Knowlton

Nancy Knowlton

The renowned coral reef biologist leads Smithsonian's effort to foster a greater public understanding of the world's oceans


True to Form

An exact replica represents a particular North Atlantic whale

Sea spiders (pycnogonids) were found on the slope and base habitats of Davidson Seamount, California.

Most Likely To

A quick guide to the standouts of the National Museum of Natural History's "Ocean Hall Class of 2008"

A canoe Doug Chilton and other Tlingit artisans crafted using techniques mastered by their Alaskan ancestors

Spirit of the Sea

Tlingit artisans craft a canoe that embodies their culture's oceangoing past

Deep Science

From the Chesapeake Bay to Panama, scores of Smithsonian divers probe underwater mysteries

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