Obvious Science

Scientists asked participants to record their emotions and hunger levels five times a day for three weeks.

Getting 'Hangry' Is Real, Science Suggests

A new study explores the link between hunger and anger in the real world—and finds a connection

Venting frustrations

Cannibalism, Roller Coasters and Self-Colonoscopies in the News? It's Ig Nobel Season

The satirical awards celebrate some of the strangest scientific research

Hello, I am goat.

What Living Like Goats and Badgers Can Teach Us About Ourselves

Two Englishmen won the Ig Nobel Prize for eating grass, earthworms and worse in the name of science

Reconstruction of Lucy’s vertical deceleration event, by the authors of the new study.

Did Anthropologists Just Solve the 3-Million-Year-Old Mystery of Lucy’s Death?

Researchers think they've reconstructed the fatal plunge and last terrifying seconds of the hominin's life

Can scientists make cardboard diet food taste like the real deal?

Food Tasting Too Healthy? Just Add Scent

How scientists use smell to trick tastebuds—and brains

Blake Lively in "The Shallows."

How Realistic Is the Shark Science in "The Shallows"?

We ask shark expert Chris Lowe whether the science in the upcoming shark thriller has any teeth. Beachgoers: You're welcome.

Does washing your laundry in warm water really make that much of a difference? Probably not.

The Case for Washing Clothes in Cold Water

Laundry: You're doing it wrong

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