The top ten include To Kill a Mockingbird, The Hungry Caterpillar and The Cat in the Hat.

New York Public Library Announces Its Most Borrowed Books of All Time

The list, dominated by children's literature, spans 125 years of reading

'A Clockwork Orange' Follow-Up Found in Burgess Archives

'The Clockwork Condition' was intended to be a philosophical examination of themes raised in his most popular and problematic novel

“Part of [Wolfe’s] skewering of society was to also be absolutely his own man,” says National Portrait Gallery curator Brandon Brame Fortune. “For him, that meant wearing this white vanilla colored three-piece suit wherever he went.”

Five Things to Know About Tom Wolfe

The late author had an undeniable influence on American writing

Which Books Do Americans Take on Vacation?

Our city-by-city breakdown uncovered some surprises

The Science of the Red Sea's Parting

It is physically and scientifically possible for a body of water to part

Unlike Anne Frank's diary, the graphic biography by Ernie Colón and Sid Jacobson covers the period before and after she and her family went into hiding.

A New Look at Anne Frank

Two comic book veterans—who authored the graphic adaptation of the 9/11 Report—train their talents on the young diarist

Autobiographies invariably distort, insists author Paul Theroux, at his home in Hawaii.

The Trouble With Autobiography

Novelist and travel writer Paul Theroux examines other authors' autobiographies to prove why this piece will suffice for his

Copies of Frey's "A Million Little Pieces" are put on display in a bookstore in New York.

Five Fake Memoirs That Fooled the Literary World

Fiction was stranger than truth in these examples of authentic autobiographies that were anything but that

Samuel Johnson

Doctor Feelgood

Stricken by "vile melancholy," the 18th-century critic and raconteur Samuel Johnson pioneered a modern therapy


World's Unlikeliest Bestseller

Fifty years ago a brewer's bet spawned a compelling compendium of feats, stunts and trivia


Plutarch's Exemplary Lives

An ancient Greek wrote the book on biography then and now


Review of 'Tales My Father Never Told'

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