Isaac Newton

Newton held unconventional religious beliefs and dabbled in alchemy and the occult.

Isaac Newton Thought the Great Pyramid Held the Key to the Apocalypse

Papers sold by Sotheby's document the British scientist's research into the ancient Egyptians and the Bible

European authorities recovered 200 rare books, including valuable first editions of works by Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton, last week.

Stolen First Editions by Galileo, Newton Discovered Beneath Floor in Romania

Authorities have recovered 200 rare books pilfered in a 2017 London heist

A portrait of scientist Isaac Newton, who developed a toad vomit–based cure for the bubonic plague

Sir Isaac Newton's Prescription for Plague? Toad Vomit Lozenges

Handwritten notes detailing the British polymath's unsavory treatment are now up for auction

Authors and playwrights in 18th-century Europe helped make science accessible to the common reader.

How 18th-Century Writers Created the Genre of Popular Science

French writers such as Voltaire and Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle helped shape the Enlightenment with stories of science

Saturated invites visitors to contemplate the essence of color, and the fascinating ways in which different hues interact.

How Newton, Goethe, an Ornithologist and a Board Game Designer Helped Us Understand Color

A new exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum explores the kaleidoscope of figures who shaped color theory

Isaac Newton got caught up in one of the world's first investment "bubbles," supposedly saying at the time that he “could calculate the motions of the heavenly bodies, but not the madness of the people."

The Market Crash That Cost Newton a Fortune

The esteemed scientist wasn't the only one to fall for the first investment bubble

Most Expensive Science Book Sells for $3.7 Million

An anonymous buyer paid triple the estimated sale price for this first-edition copy

A recipe for an ingredient to make a Philosopher's Stone handwritten by Isaac Newton.

Isaac Newton Used This Recipe in His Hunt to Make a Philosopher’s Stone

The recently publicized document was kept in a private collection for many years

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