Until recently, neuroscientists have considered the method the brain uses to quickly and easily analyzes faces to be a "black box."

How Your Brain Recognizes All Those Faces

Neurons home in on one section at a time, researchers report

Whoever dies with the most friends wins? It's complicated.

Facebook Might Help You Live Longer, According to Facebook Researchers

It depends on whether online social ties strengthen real-world social ties, which are known to be good for your health

Law and Order: Social Media Unit

The San Francisco Police Department may have an "Instagram officer," but other forces are trolling social media for criminal activity too


These Stirring Portraits Put a Face on Homelessness

Rex Hohlbein's method of using social media to get tents, clothing, car repair and other needs to Seattle's homeless is catching on in other cities

Your Computer Knows You Better Than Your Mom

Why machines can predict your personality more accurately than your family or friends

Create Your Very Own False Memories by Lying on Facebook

The brain is notoriously poor at recalling past events, and social media just makes it worse

The Social Media Fight Between the U.S. and ISIS Is Weirder Than You'd Imagine

The U.S. has decided to fight propaganda with propaganda

A file photo of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg from November 2010.

Facebook's Mood-Manipulation Study Wasn't Nice But It Also Wasn't Very Good Science

Facebook tried to deliberately change the moods of some of its users

Facebook Users Most Often Unfriend People They Knew From High School

And how does that make the victim of the unfriending feel? Surprised, usually

Facebook's Most Popular Check-In Spots This Year Include Places in Iceland, Argentina and Nigeria

Top world destinations for check-ins are a bit unexpected, but perhaps reflect Facebook's popularity among varying cultures, interest groups and nations

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