Chinese Art

In recent years, the festival has begun including sculptures that draw inspiration from popular culture. In 2009, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Winnie the Pooh were represented at the festival.

All the World's a Frozen Sculpture at China's Ice and Snow Festival

Thousands flock to one of the country's coldest regions to see the stunning displays

A painting of a bird from the 1633 Manual of Calligraphy and Painting.

The World's Oldest Multicolor Printed Book Was Too Fragile to Read...Until Now

The 1633 book has now been digitized

Ganden Sumtseling Monastery in Shangri-La was built in 1679 at the direction of the Fifth Dalai Lama.

Retracing the Footsteps of China's Patron Saint of Tourism

Travelers are discovering the Ming dynasty's own Indiana Jones, an adventurer who dedicated his life to exploring his country's Shangri-Las

Were the Terracotta Warriors Based on Actual People?

To answer that question, archaeologists are looking at variations in the soldiers' ears

The 1354 painting, Dwelling in Seclusion in the Summer Mountains, by the artist Wang Meng is now on view at the Freer Gallery through May 31.

Why this 14th-Century Chinese Artist Is Having a Rebirth

The rare works of Wang Meng, an artist with a brilliance for brushstrokes, bring millions at auction

The dark black lacquered center of the Ming Dynasty tray, surrounded by an elegant basket weave design, made it seem almost modern.

How Curators Found a Ghostly Image Lurking Beneath Layers of Lacquer

Work in the conservation lab revealed there was more to this Ming Dynasty tray than meets the eye

For centuries, wooden boats called "dhows" have sailed Lamu's shores, transforming the far-flung island into an important port city.

Why the Smithsonian Folklife Festival is Anchoring a 30-Foot Kenyan Sailing Vessel on the Mall

The 10-day-long celebration of global culture, featuring Kenya and China, takes place in late June and early July

The delicate painting in question depicts a hibiscus, 
a symbol of autumn.

A Scholar’s Detective Work Uncovers a Masterpiece at the Freer Gallery

Thought to be from a minor artist, this painting proved to be older and more significant than previously thought

Someone Had to Build the Terracotta Army—Archaeologists Just Found Their Humbler Grave Sites

Forty-five grave sites were found only kilometers from the emperor's tomb

Over 90 Chinese warriors will light up the University of Edinburgh's quadrangle.

Celebrate Chinese New Year With These Life-Size Warrior Lanterns

The University of Edinburgh is displaying life-size lanterns inspired by the famous army of terracotta soldiers


No Tea, But Sympathy


The Art Treasures of China Are on the Road Once More

For years they were shuttled from one hiding place to another to escape the Japanese and then the Communists - now they're coming here

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