A shiny black fragment found within the victim’s skull likely represents remnants of the man’s brain, which was subjected to such searing heat that it turned into glass.

Vesuvius' Scorching Eruption Turned a Man's Brain Into Glass

A new study reports on a shimmering black substance found in one victim's skull

The bicolored white-toothed shrew (Crocidura leucodon), a small mammal known to carry and transmit Borna disease virus to other animals.

A Shrew-Borne Virus Is Responsible for Deadly Brain Infections in Humans

First discovered in livestock hundreds of years ago, Borna disease virus has apparently been claiming human lives for decades

The Heslington brain, revealed intact within a 2,600-year-old skull unearthed near modern day York, England

Super Resilient Protein Structures Preserved a Chunk of Brain for 2,600 Years

After death, most brains decompose within months or years. This one lasted millennia

Rats Learned to Play Hide and Seek to Help Study the Brain

The animals squeaked and jumped for joy during the game, a sign that they enjoy play just as much as humans

By comparing the skulls of extinct dinosaurs to those of living relatives, such as crocodiles and wild turkeys, researchers have conclude that the prehistoric beasts had sophisticated thermoregulation systems in their skulls.

Special Skull Windows Helped Dinosaur Brains Keep Cool

Dinosaur skulls had many cavities and openings, some of which may have held blood vessels to help cool off the animals' heads

'Robotic Worm' Could Be the Future of Stroke Care

The hydrogel-covered wire can be guided through the brain via magnets to bust up blood clots

Brain donation is of critical importance for scientists' understanding of brain disorders.

Inside a Brain Bank, Where Humans' Most Precious Organ Is Dissected and Studied

Unlike organ transplants, brains are used primarily to support research of some of the most widespread and debilitating diseases in the world

The lines scribbled over this famous Georges Seurat painting come from an experiment that tracked how the human eye jerks around as it takes in the details of the scene.

Our Eyes Are Always Darting Around, So How Come Our Vision Isn't Blurry?

Our brains manage to construct stable images even as our eyes keep jerking around. Here’s what we know about how that happens.

New Study Suggests Leonardo da Vinci Had A.D.H.D.

The master painter had difficulties with procrastination, finishing projects and staying on task his entire life

Using a brain implant with a series of electrodes, scientists can read neurological signals and translate the brain activity into spoken language.

Brain Implant Device Allows People With Speech Impairments to Communicate With Their Minds

A new brain-computer interface translates neurological signals into complete sentences

Scientists Revived Cells in Dead Pig Brains

The accomplishment challenges how we ethically, legally and philosophically define death

Immature (red) and mature (blue) neurons in the hippocampus of a 68 year-old

The Brain May Actually Keep Generating New Cells Well Into Old Age

An analysis of 58 brain samples found that neurogenesis declines over time and is particularly poor among those with Alzheimer's

Rami Malek, Olivia Colman, Regina King and Mahershala Ali pose with the Oscars they won for acting at the 91st Academy Awards.

Actors’ Brain Activity May Change When They Are in Character

A new study of actors' brain activity suggests that they may 'lose themselves' when performing

The team's findings could have implications for the treatment of human communication disorders

Meet the Singing Mice of Central America

The vocal critters could help scientists better understand the mechanics of human conversation

Will A.I. Ever Be Smarter Than a Four-Year-Old?

Looking at how children process information may give programmers useful hints about directions for computer learning

Women's Brains Stay Younger Longer, New Research Shows

Researchers found that women’s brains continually create more energy than men’s whether an individual is 25 or 82

Neuroscientists Have Converted Brain Waves Into Verbal Speech

Researchers tracked participants' neural activity as they listened to recorded speech, then translated brain patterns into synthesized speech

Waiting on a lie

When Do Children Give Up on Santa?

A preview of a new international study explores when kids stop believing and how, after the jig is up, it impacted them psychologically

The researchers are quick to point out that their findings don't suggest a link between brain size or shape and behavior, but instead offer an exploration of the genetic evolution of modern brains

Neanderthal Genes Influence Contemporary Humans’ Skull Shape, Brain Size

Individuals carrying these ancient ancestors' DNA are more likely to have slightly elongated, rather than rounded, brains


Could 3-D Printing Save Music Education?

D.C. chef Erik Bruner-Yang interviews Jill-of-all-trades Kaitlyn Hova about her plan to infuse STEM education with open source, 3-D printable instruments

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