Events Post July 4-8: a tour of Air and Space’s highlights, jury duty for the John Brown trial, a trip to the Ocean Hall, Pirates and the dancing Siletz

The week of July 4, join the Smithsonian Institution in offering you a look at the Air and Space Museum, an exploration of piracy, an Ocean Hall scientist

At the exhibition "On the Water," learn about pirates.
At the exhibition "On the Water," learn about pirates. Photo courtesy of the American History Museum

Tuesday July 5 Jury Duty

Join staff at the American History Museum this Tuesday afternoon as they offer you a look into the trial of John Brown. A revolutionary abolitionist, Brown became famous after his bloody raid on a federal arsenal at Harper’s Ferry. He was tried and executed for treason. Now you can become a part of history as you join the jury and deliberate on John Brown’s fate. Meet Brown and decide for yourself how history should remember this disputed figure. This free event begins at 2:30 in the Price of Freedom Theater on the third floor, East Wing, of the Museum.

Wednesday July 6 Under the Sea

Get out of the July heat this Wednesday with a trip to the Sant Ocean Hall at the Natural History Museum. There, search out an ocean scientist stationed within the exhibition. Then watch as the researcher shows a collection of specimens and artifacts under microscopes and on monitors. Listen to a talk about the scientific excursions to different locations, the field studies, the new discoveries and more.  This event is free and fun for the whole family so come to the Sant Ocean Hall between 1 and 3.

Thursday July 7 Pirates at American History?

Arggh, matey. Can you talk like a pirate? But do you really know the legacy of piracy? Well now the American History Museum is offering a theatrical primer in its new program, Am I A Pirate? Join actor and storyteller Xavier Carnegie at 11:30 in the exhibition On the Water: Stories from Maritime America and listen as he tells historical tales and songs that discover some truths behind the North American piracy and privateering legacy. Check out the artifacts from real pirates and privateers of the high seas. Then learn to separate pirate myth from pirate fact while you explore the lives and legacy’s of the nation’s seamen. This is a free, walk-in event that the whole family will enjoy so meet at On the Water on the first floor of the museum.

Friday July 9 The People Are Dancing Again

This Friday try something different and head over to the American Indian Museum for a celebration of the art and traditions of the Siletz Tribe of Oregon. From 10 to 4:30, join the tribe as you learn about Siletz basket weaving through demonstrations, watch as the tribe performs the traditional Nee-Dash dance and join a panel discussion featuring Charles Wilkinson, the author of The People are Dancing Again: The History of the Siletz Tribe of Western Oregon. Afterwards, you can join Wilkinson for a book signing or explore the rest of the museum. This is a free event held throughout the museum and repeats daily until July 10.

For a complete listing of Smithsonian Institution events and exhibitions go to the GoSmithsonian Visitors Guide.

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