A 15-Foot-Tall, 250-Pound Inflatable Ball Got Loose in Toledo, Ohio

Sounds like the inspiration for a Pixar movie.

redball project
The RedBall Project during a visit to Paris in 2014. RedBall Project 2014 via Flickr

A 15-foot-tall, 250-pound inflatable ball meant to draw attention to public spaces made a break for it earlier this week, as seen in this video by Instagram user Jeremy419 in Toledo, Ohio. 

A video posted by Jeremy (@jeremy419) on

Designed by artist Kurt Perschke, the RedBall Project is usually stationary. However, high winds and heavy rains on August 19 knocked the giant red ball from it's installation next to Roulet Jewelers and sent it running down the street and around the corner from where it normally sits as part of an exhibition curated by the Toledo Museum of Art, The Toledo Blade reports.

However, the ball’s rampage was short-lived: it barely made it around the corner before being caught by a ragtag team of museum staff, passersby and a waiter from a nearby restaurant, some of whom were caught on tape. Luckily, the giant ball didn’t cause too much damage during its escape, just possibly bending a street sign, Toledo Museum of Art spokesman Kelly Garrow tells The Toledo Blade. The RedBall did suffer some minor damage, but has since been patched up and secured to a vehicle to prevent any future escapes.

The RedBall Project is part of the museum’s Play Time exhibit and will be on display in Toledo through August 23.

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